You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

YLHS Dance Concert


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Dance Company presented its dance show You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello.

Juliette Fournier, Photojournalist

On May 3rd through 5th, Dance Company presented its concert “You Say Goodbye I Say Hello,” and the theme centered around the Beatles’ song “You Say Goodbye I Say Hello.” According to Ms. Maes, the reason for this theme was because YLHS is saying goodbye to the seniors who are graduating but hello to the new people coming to YLHS next year. In addition to showcasing the strength of Yorba Linda’s Dance Company, the show also featured the Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced dance classes as well as a special surprise. The show took place at the PAC of El Dorado High School.

The show featured twenty-eight dances, each showing the skills of the dancers of YLHS. Dance Company’s dances made up the majority of the show, with different combinations of dancers featured from the team. The styles ranged from upbeat hip-hop dances such as the dance from the Senior Farewell Rally to emotional, contemporary dances like “I Cry.” Each senior Dance Company dancer was highlighted in the show with a solo performance by each of them. The three senior dancers were Lilah Haye (12), Isabelle Wong (12), and Paige Scialla (12). All three were outstanding. Additionally, the dance “Promises” was dedicated to the Lindsey family.

Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced dance performed throughout the concert. Each of their dances went along with a theme which each class could pick, and they had costumes to match the theme. Beginning dance (3rd period) had a jail-themed dance where each dancer was dressed in orange jumpsuits or prisoner’s attire. 5th period’s Beginning dance chose a military-themed dance centered around songs for female empowerment. Intermediate dance performed their dance “Game On” featuring different sports such as cheerleaders, basketball players, baseball players, and football players. Each student was dressed up in attire from one of these sports. Advanced dance performed twice; the first dance was “Show a Little More” and the second was “Barber Shop” where the dancers were dressed in colorful clothes. Each of these dances was choreographed by Ms. Maes.

Our very own teachers also performed one dance during the show. With the help from Hayden Antonelli, Katarina Martinez, Ava Kough, and Lilah Haye, the teachers were able to dance to a compilation of throwback songs. Teachers who were featured included Mrs. St. Amant, Mrs. Nunez, Mr. Wong, Ms. Wilson, Ms. Yakzan, Mrs. Maeder, Mrs. Picciotta, Mrs. Pilkenton, and Mr. Shanahan.

In between the amazing dances, the talented Jamie Kough would paint a mural which remained on stage during performances. She started it during the first performance on May 3rd and completed it at the end of the show on May 5th.

The lighting, the costumes, and of course the performances were absolutely incredible.

Aino Hakkinen (11) attended Dance Concert and comments that she “enjoyed the dance show because of the variety of dance styles that were showcased. The dancers really seemed to be having fun.”

Her favorite dance was ‘I Cry,’ a contemporary number “done to a spoken word track because it was so emotional.” Thank you to all dancers and contributors for the performance. The school looks forward to next year’s concert.