Looking back at the fall of ISIS in Mosul

Nikita Kheni, Editor-in-Chief

Six month’s after the fall of ISIS in Mosul, the city looks back and wonders whether this was even a victory. With rubble and degree everywhere, people buried, loved memories and objects covered in dust, crews and rescue workers search for people and family members.


Approximately 10,000 people were killed when Mosul was recaptured. With thousands still buried and unidentified, the city struggles to find this a victory. With so much bombing and many airstrikes, the residents of the city had pay a price and now live without hope or happiness. Mosul is completely destroyed and the recovery process will never bring back what has already been lost.


“ISIS won by hurting us. And America won by hurting us. Neither of them was defeated here. We are the only ones who lost,” said Saed Jergis to CNN.


Mass graves with four to five people in each one are spread across the city. The horrific destruction a city and its people faces after battles and wars have a lasting impact. There is only pain present when no help is being received and countries are forced to rebuild by themselves with only the help of volunteers.


And it’s not just Mosul that has faced this destruction. Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Ukraine, Nigeria, and so many more countries have faced and continue to face mass devastation.


Syria has the highest number of war related fatalities currently and conflict is still ongoing. The refugee crisis keeps growing. And rebuilding is too expensive.


These countries are struggling and the number of innocent people that get caught in conflict is horrific.