AmazonGo: The Future of Grocery Stores

Nikita Kheni, Editor-in-Chief

Amazon Go, the cashier-less grocery store opened in downtown Seattle yesterday. The store allows customers to walk in and sign in to their amazon account, grab whatever they need and exit the store without have to wait in a line to pay. Through the use of cameras and senors, Amazon Go will scan the items that are removed from shelves and charge the customer through their Amazon accounts.


Amazon promised that there would be no lines for customers to wait in, but irony was clearly present when customers had to wait in a line just to enter the store. Whether the line is due to the hype or whether it is due to lack of other locations is still unclear, but it still defeats the purpose of the store.


There were some concerns on shoplifting and how Amazon would prevent it from happening. Apparently, the company does not even have any measures preventing that yet since they are so confident in their technology according to an article by CNBC explaining how someone was not charged for an item they had gotten. It is interesting to see this technology develop and see a company not placing safeguards in a store.


Other concerns also arise and many wonder what this would mean for cashiers if all stores were to one day be like this. Amazon says they would employ to be customers guides and help check IDs for those purchasing alcohol or helping customers find the items they need. The less time people think about spending also causes them to spend more.


Overall, Amazon Go is still a new a great concept for future grocery stores, making it easier and faster for customers to make their daily purchases.