Movie Review: A Quiet Place

An Extraordinary Horror Film

A Quiet Place(Photo Courtesy of Youtube)

A Quiet Place(Photo Courtesy of Youtube)

Wayne Chan, Editor

Disclaimer: This article reveals twists and important details integral to the plot.

A Quiet Place was a riveting interesting film that strays from the banal and conventional paranormal stories of the horror genre. From the plot to the cast to the acting, the film was simply excellent. The film, directed and played by John Krasinski, has achieved a box office of well over 200 million dollar.

The story features a family in a seemingly desolate wasteland of the future where all of humanity has fallen. The family resides in the woods inhabited by three armor plated monstrous creatures that hunt by sound. They lack sight and smell but react to any acoustic presence.

The plot of the film is captivating and interesting. It turns everyday tasks into challenges to maintain complete silence. It takes excruciating painful events and turns them into movie scenes of fighting the instinct to scream in order to hide from the monsters. It shows the creative ways Lee Abbott, the father played by John Krasinski, combats the monsters. In the end, the film adds an element of tragedy and drama when Lee Abbott sacrifices himself for his children.

While the film does boast an intriguing and unique plot, I thought it failed to establish more background. The subliminal shots of newspapers and clipboard research gave a general idea of having 3 sound-hunting creatures in the United States. However, I thought the film could have done a better job of establishing a background. For example, the story never talked about how the creatures came to be, and more importantly, how did the United States military or the rest of the world fall to three creatures.

Aside from lacking background information, the movie was generally successful. The exciting cast is another element of the film’s success. The famous John Krasinski, or Jim Halpert from the office, has people across all genres excited. The cast, although small, played all their roles incredibly well. The acting of the film was incredible. Throughout the film, not many words are spoken, yet all emotions were effectively conveyed. It was not a hassle to read the captions of the screen because the general sentiment of the film could be understood at all times.

Tony Cheng(11), said the film was “one of the scariest horror movies he had seen in a while.”

A Quiet Place truly was a exhilarating viewing experience and a frightening yet enthralling 2 hours.