Easter Around the World


In America it is a tradition for young kids to look for hidden Easter eggs.

Delaney Pietsch, Photojournalist

Everyone knows that Easter is a holiday that celebrates the fact that Jesus Christ died on the cross to save all of us from our sins. For most students at Yorba Linda High School, Easter is celebrated by dressing up in spring colors to go eat a late lunch with family members. Then the parents will stuff and hide fake Easter eggs and spread them throughout the facility, and the little kids go and hunt for them. While this is a tradition that many of us are used to, it isn’t the only way that this holiday is celebrated.

In Bermuda, citizens celebrate Easter by making kites made of colorful tissue paper and flying them in the sky. This is supposed to resemble God’s ascendance to heaven.

In Hungary, it is popular for boys to go around “sprinkling” younger women with perfume, water, or cologne. If they sprinkle the girl, this means that they are looking for a kiss.

In France, it is common for cities to make an omelette out of about four thousand and five hundred eggs. This omelette is then placed in the middle of the town and is supposed to feed up to one thousand people. They celebrate Easter with this because it was believed that Napoleon wanted an omelette. He then liked it so much, he ordered a huge one to be made for his men.  

In Corfu, Greece, families throw pots out the  window to celebrate Easter. It is supposed to symbolize the welcoming of the new season, spring.

All throughout Sweden, little kids dress up to portray the Easter Witch. The children paint on themselves red rosy cheeks and wear bright colors. They then go from house to house trading paintings for sweets. This is kind of like our Halloween, but instead they trade things to receive candy.

Riley Pietsch and her family traveled to Italy this spring break. There, they were able to celebrate Easter with the Italians. While they were not able to understand anything, Riley Pietsch (9) claimed that “it was amazing” because “the whole town came out to march through the streets. From old to young, they came out and sang together. A few people were carrying the cross and a basket that looked like it had Jesus in it. This March then led back into the church where they had mass. It was beautiful.”

There is no way to describe all of the different ways every country celebrates Easter. There are many more marvelous celebrations. Please research more about different countries traditions if they were not mentioned.