Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 Recap


Courtesy of Netflix

Poster for Santa Clarita Diet.

Stephen Serrano, Section Editor

Filled with horror, mystery, and of course comedy, Santa Clarita Diet is a Netflix Original Series. Starring Timothy Olyphant and Drew Barrymore, the duo portray the two main characters, Joel and Sheila Hammond who are real estate agents in Santa Clarita, California. The Hammonds have a daughter, Abby, played by Liv Hewson. As a family in the suburbs, they try to fit in even after Sheila is dead yet alive at the same time. With the epic first season getting a 75% on Rotten Tomatoes and more action and comedy in the second season, a review is definitely in action (with spoilers, of course).

The season starts off directly after the first season’s ending. Basically, the Hammonds are still trying to find a cure with the help of their neighbor, Skyler Gisondo, as Eric ( Abby and Eric’s relationship is growing and Abby is skipping school more and more. Eric ends up making a serum that makes Sheila’s physical state the same. The hilarious ingenue, Ramona (Ramona Young) from the store turns out to be undead as well and uses Eric to get the serum. Their relationship is short-lived and she moves to Seattle to find herself a partner to help her kill and then eat people.

The big question that still plagues Joel and Sheila is that it is morally ethical to kill people to suffice Sheila’s hunger. They try compromising and only murder bad people like a young Neo-Nazi who has an entire baseball team of Nazis. They end up not murdering them and continue to find a cure. Prior to this, Gary (played by who) is still alive because Sheila did not devour his brain, which kills a person completely. Anne (Natalie Morales) Eric’s stepmom and police officer, becomes suspicious since she painted Gary’s finger as a suspicious item. She puts the pieces together when Gary records a message on a burner phone that is sent to the police.

Even though Gary’s message could not be retrieved, but Anne recognized the sound of Sheila’s bracelets on the voicemail. Gary then wants to die for real now and Joel and Sheila begin to bury him when Anne comes in and shoots Sheila. Because Sheila is undead, she is not affected by the shot and Anne believes that Sheila is a sign from God. It ends at that with more mystery and curiosity for season three.

To reiterate, the second season of Santa Clarita Diet was filled with many surprises and turns in each episode. When asked about what she thought about Santa Clarita Diet, Maddie Cusick (10) replied that “it is such a well-written show and the comedy aspect to it was amazing.” Stay tuned for a third season, as more Santa Clarita Diet episodes are to come.