Student Spotlight: Salma Almoradi


Salma Almoradi

Bita Zadeh, Photojournalist

Salma Almoradi (11) is a YLHS student that goes above and beyond everyone’s expectations. With her amazing passion for everything she does and her kind-spirited personality, Salma can truly do anything she wants to do. So far, during her high school career she has accomplished plenty and although it has been very stressful, being the person she is, Salma can take on anything and everything that comes her way.


Salma is one of the brightest students in the sophomore class.  She is a straight A student, and is taking a very difficult AP class which is adding on to a lot of work junior year already brings. Last semester, she excelled in AP Environmental Science, Honors Pre-calculus and all of her other Honors classes. Her workload is very heavy and volunteering take up plenty of her time, but she puts her mind to what she needs to do and gets it done. She has been in CSF since she was a freshman and NHS right now as a junior, showing that she is very dedicated. Salma’s drive to do well in everything has kept her with impressive grades and an above average GPA.


Where Salma really shines is with her generosity and care for the community. Salma volunteers 3 times a week and 2 different places. She volunteers at Higher Grounds where she helps “at risk” youth and at St. Joseph hospital where she helps out on the labor and delivery floor.


In the future, Salma aims to attend UCLA  and major in business. That has been her dream for as long as she can remember and she will do anything to make that dream a reality.


When she’s not busy with school or volunteering, Salma takes pleasure in shopping, hanging out with friends and family or just kicking back and watching a good movie. She is also a phenomenal artist and tries to paint to de-stress when she has free time.