Renaissance Rally


Athena Kieu

Athena Kieu (11) and Fiona Hsu (11) both were featured in the Renaissance Rally. Here they are showing off their Vine-themed costumes.

Juliette Fournier, Photojournalist

It’s that time of year again, where the most outstanding Mustangs are recognized for all of their achievements. The following students and teachers were recognized at this Vine-themed Renaissance Rally:


To start off the rally, the scholar athletes were announced:

Mikayla Buscaino

Kendall Platt

Megan Cuan

Alicia Vas

Cary Shin

Michael Callahan


Outstanding Performance awards were awarded to students who excel in the sport that they play. Coaches for each sport choose the recipient of each award:

Cross Country: Kent Allen and Bella Watcher

Football: Jaydyn Webb

Cheer: Allison Sturms and Jaelyn Anderson

Song: Kaila Melanson and Chloe Quast

Basketball: Jake Miller and Kelli Hanashiro

Golf: Brooke Miller

Soccer: Jacob Sowder and Mikayla Buscaino

Tennis: Megan Cuan

Volleyball: Kendall Platt and Mikayla Buscaino

Water Polo: Jacob Walker, Alicia Vas, and Christina Chiappini

Wrestling: Kavika Aholelei and Kami Sudol


In the Fine Arts Department, the art teachers selected students who show amazing skill in each of the following categories:

3D Art and Design: Kai Trinh

Drawing and Painting: Fiona Hsu

Photography: Treston Chen

Animation: Maddy Fung

Video Arts: Nick Franklyn

Video Arts: Kyle Herbel

Video Arts: Alex Lee

Ceramics: Natalie Kouri

Culinary Arts: Charles Robertson

Color Guard: Cheyenne Ayyoub

Commercial Arts: Eloise Barret-Legrand and Alfredo Apolinar

Dance: Isabelle Wong

Choir: Madison Guerrero

Band: Michael Frelly

Orchestra: Athena Kieu

Theater: Marco Gazich

Newspaper: Nikita Kheni

Yearbook: Sarah Heckel


The Community Service Award is given to the Seniors who have completed the most community service hours for the community:

Gabi Moussa

Simran Chowdhry

Aarti Tandon

Nathan Stewart


The Skyrocket Awards were awarded to the students who have showed significant improvement:

Madison Guerrero

Brandon Montufar

Ryley Palladino

Bradley Sims

Abigail Ugalde

Jasmine Girgis


The Academic Excellence Awards are given to the students who have the highest GPAs in their grade levels:


Katelyn Ikemoto

Tawny Khong

Audrey Lee

Hayden MacDonald

Clarence Mao

Max Okamoto

Patrick Song



Nina Guzman

Zachary Hernandez

Sean Tieskoetter

Taylor Tran

Rhys Weingarten



Jenna Weitzman

Kolya Isterabadi

Payton Janish

Andrew Song

Isaiah Seo

Ashley Bui-Tran

Mabel Ra

Ryan Lowery

Cole Robinson

Blake Han

Aino Hakkinen



Paul Baldaray

Payton Bladow

Mikayla Buscaino

Nathan Duong

Shawyun Foroushani

Jacqueline Kieu

Danielle Lee

Matthew Liao

Melody Tang

Jenny Tao


The Salutatorians and Valedictorian are chosen based on various criteria:

Valedictorian: Melody Tang

Salutatorians: Minh-Khoi Tran and Shawyun Foroushani


The Teacher of the Year was chosen for being an enthusiastic and overall amazing teacher.

Ms. St. Amant


The Club of the Year features one of the most active clubs on campus.

WE Club

Outstanding job for all the hard-working Mustangs who received awards and thank you to ASB for organizing such a fun Renaissance Rally for the 2017-2018 school year!