Emma Gonzalez, Activist Warrior



Emma Gonzalez speaks at the March for Our Lives movement, cementing her place in history as one of the most influential student activists.

Caitlyn Truong, Photojournalist

Although the Second Amendment has always been a popular debate, recent events have pushed for gun control laws more than ever before. Political events occur daily, whether they be in the form of protests, campaigns, or marches. The current face of the “Enough is Enough” movement is a young woman by the name of Emma Gonzalez.

Emma Gonzalez is a senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. She is a survivor of the high school’s mass shooting which occurred on February 14 and resulted in the deaths of seventeen students and staff. Since that fateful day, her name has been thrown around by politicians, displayed on news screens, and admired by social media users for her powerful, poignant words regarding gun control. Her activism has emerged since the shooting and continues to be highlighted by the media for her influential push for gun control.

Gonzalez’s first response to the Parkland shooting was a moving speech criticizing politicians for their failure to enforce stricter gun control; her famous cry of “We Call B.S.” was one of her first sparks of attention, according to CNN. She then became incredibly famous for her speech at the March for Our Lives rally in Washington, a remarkably immense student-driven movement. Her speech listed the names of the seventeen students and emotional details about each of their lives that would be lost forever; she followed this with a teary silence which would draw her speech out to six minutes and twenty seconds, a time representing the duration of the shooting.

Six minutes and twenty seconds later, Gonzalez had irrevocably moved the nation. She became a face on the cover of a Time magazine, an enemy of the NRA, and an inspiration to thousands of students across the United States due to her impact at such a young age. She was recently involved in a major controversy in which a photo of her ripping a target for guns was edited to appear as if she was ripping the Constitution, according to Huffington Post, which only goes to show how her influence has extended towards becoming a face of propaganda both for and against her cause.

Gonzalez has even been deemed a “Joan of Arc” of sorts by the New York Times and other news outlets due to her emotional determination and physical resemblance with her shaved hair. Juliana Kim (10) calls her “truly inspiring” and comments, “She is proving every day how students do have a voice and that voice can be used to make a change.” Emma Gonzalez is a truly astounding activist whose influence pushes others to join her in the fight for gun control.