Lawyer Up! Yorba Linda High School Mock Trial Team

Why you should join mock trial


Wayne Chan

Mock Trial Award

Wayne Chan, Editor

Yorba Linda has an assortment of extracurricular activities to cater to the different personalities of the diverse student body. Mock Trial is one of the incredible programs worth exploring. There are multiple benefits of joining Mock Trial that make the participation in the program an obvious. It is important to note that Mock Trial is not the same as speech and debate, which is a completely different program.

Academic Benefits:

Mock Trial has a plethora of academic benefits for those interested in an advanced academic career. Mock Trial is one of the best extracurricular activities to put on your college application, especially for those looking for a future in legal professions. Mrs. Toxqui(staff) writes personal and professional letters of recommendations for college applications. Furthermore, the enrollment in Mock Trial gives credit for graduation.

Practical skills:

Mock Trial develops public speaking skills, a specialty useful across all fields of study, and cultivates a mindset for spontaneous critical thinking. These skills translate into your normal courses, where presentations become easier and writing assignments are not as challenging. In the future, during interviews or presentations, the same specialty will become useful.

Amazing Experience:

While there is work to be done, as expected with any extracurricular activity, the experience is overall unforgettable. You compete as a team, as lawyers and witnesses and other court roles, in a real courtroom with real judges with real lawyers evaluating your performance. All the while, you make friends and have fun during the process.

Mrs. Toxqui(staff) regrets that “[she] never did Mock Trial in high school, but looking back [she] wish she did. Mock Trial is one of [her] favorite things of profession and would recommend it to anyone.”

Extraordinary Opportunity:

Most of the Mock Trial team are upperclassmen, therefore, underclassmen have an extraordinary opportunity to become the next generation of the Mock Trial team. Aside from this anomaly, Mock Trial is an overall extraordinary opportunity for those who can participate in it..


Consider joining Mock Trial!