On My Block Review



On My Block is a Netflix Original Series

Alyssa Pepito, Photojournalist

Netflix is considered the most popular streaming service used around the world and they always know how to capture the audience’s attention. On March 16, they released a new Netflix Original show to offer to viewers. This show titled On My Block is a new coming-of-age drama which focuses solely on the lives of teenagers of color in present-day South Central Los Angeles.

The storyline follows main characters: Monse, an aspiring writer; Jamal, a nerdy and secretive son who also can’t keep his mouth shut; Ruby, an intellectual yet interesting boy; and Cesar, who is born into the local gang, the Santos. This quartet of longtime friends trudges through becoming high school freshmen and the difficulties of living life in a gang affiliated neighborhood. In addition to the main characters, the other characters create an enjoyable atmosphere for the show by including their own unique personalities to the plot. Though this show is considered a drama, there are many aspects to it which could make people reconsider if this show is actually one under the genre of comedy.

More importantly, this show brings on representation for people of color and should be more widely recognized. Even so, the plot itself covers many real-life hardships which have been properly addressed and even combines mystery with everyday life. For example, in one episode, the kids attend a high school party in a less dangerous neighborhood where they see a privileged white kid dressed as a “cholo” and mocks Hispanics while feeding into the stereotype. This part surely opens the eyes of the ignorance that still stands in our generation and how racial stereotypes are still evident. Then, one of the main characters, Monse, lives with a single parent and is constantly left alone while her father works constantly. Her character could appeal to some viewers making the show more relatable and more realistic as it aims to be.

Emily Remer (11) expresses her love for this Netflix Original and believes “all the characters are so likeable, each in a different way” and “the show as a whole is an emotional rollercoaster.” For the future, I hope that Netflix will choose to make a second season for this show. On My Block really is interesting and everyone should take the time to binge-watch it, since it’s there are ten 30-minute episodes. It will be a real let down if Netflix chooses to discontinue this series as people have definitely already fallen in love with it and simple yet also detailed storyline.