Student Spotlight: Zac Hardison


Zac Hardison

Above, Zac Hardison continues to dominate in Lacrosse against the Esperanza Aztecs.

Brandon Russell, Editor

At Yorba Linda High School, there are a vast amount of opportunities to get involved and help shape our community in a various amount of ways. Whether, it’s participating in athletic events, joining clubs, or even giving a helpful hand around campus, students at Yorba Linda High School continue to show off their school spirit both on and off campus. Zac Hardison (11) is just another example of one of these individuals.


Starter on the Yorba Linda Lacrosse team for three years since his admittance in the school, Zac has continuously set the stage for the ideal student and person in which seems to make everyone’s day just a bit brighter. From becoming captain during his sophomore season, Zac has learned “leadership qualities” that better every aspect of his life.


For starters, Zac has continued to keep a steady 4.0 GPA average as his years at Yorba Linda High School continue to move along. From working long arduous hours at Sprouts Supermarket to helping students out whenever the chance is provided, Zac reflects an admirable character and leadership skills each and every day on campus.


Not only is Zac Captain of the Lacrosse team two years running, but he also has taken part in many clubs including FCA and other primary clubs on campus. Zac’s exemplary grades and hard work has earned him every honor roll accolade possible. Zac loves taking part in film appreciation along with his other challenging classes, in which his love for movies really gets to shine through the work in which he accomplishes within the class.


Zac’s hard work has not yet gone unnoticed, from principal certificates to teacher selected awards, Zac has continued to make a positive influence on our Yorba Linda High school campus. Zac relishes “every moment in which is provided” and lives “every day like it might be [my] last.” The sense of pride and honor in which “I receive in helping out and giving back to my community whether it be my work or my contributions to our lacrosse team, gives me a lot of joy throughout my life.”


With senior year just around the corner, Zac hopes to “continue to maintain my academic achievements and to go farther in CIF” than any other YLHS lacrosse team before him has been able to go. Not only does Zac explicitly illustrate every quality necessary to be a great scholar and an athlete here at Yorba Linda High school; but moreover, he possesses the qualities of a great human and overall individual that everyone can count on no matter what the circumstance may be.