First Dates…


A night to remember. Photo credit: the wardrobe door.

Grace KIm, Photojournalist

As a high school student, dates are usually to the movies, bonfires by the beach, or to the nearest fair. In fact, having to plan the perfect, yet student budget date can be quite tricky. Not to worry, here are three date night ideas that are affordable and perfect for making first impressions.


High School Football games

Going to a high school football game is the perfect icebreaker in a relationship. After cheering on the same team, these two are bounded to find that they have a lot in common. Plus, it is a fun experience that can’t go awkward.


Mini Golfing/Arcade

Camelot is a lot like a two for one deal. Instead of worrying about what to do to have fun, they can play mini golfing for hours on different courses, impress your date by winning a prize from the arcade, or munch on the different foods they provide.


Group lunch/dinner

First dates don’t always have to be one on one. As a matter of fact, group dates can be the better option for first impressions. Having group lunch/dinner will prevent awkward silences and lower the tension in the air.


From choosing the perfect restaurant to spending hours trying on different outfits, date nights can get pretty stressful. Although many date nights go perfectly as planned, some can take the turn for the worse. Yorba Linda High School teachers and students are no exception, here are five teachers and students that had quite an “unforgettable” night.



Rey Lejano: Going to Prom is a must for most students. Most imagine their prom as having a blast on the dance floor with their friends, being asked by someone in a manner that makes onlookers “ooh” and “aww,” and dressing up in a dress/suit meant to convince your fellow classmates that you are no longer that awkward teenager. Mr. Lejano, the AP economics teacher, recalls his “awkward” prom experience. In a very thought out plan to determine the true feelings of his junior year crush, Mr. Lejano decided that “after the last slow dance of the night, [he] would gently hold [his] date’s hand and not let go… If she let go [of his hand], she was not interested.” Without much thought, the girl lets go of Lejano’s hand. “It turns out that she did like me, but that plan was flawed in every possible way. In the end, they dated for the next two years despite her letting go of his hand. “Giving and reading signals in the pre-dating or dating phase is fun and also the worst!” advises Lejano.


Desiree St. Amant: Mr. Lejano isn’t the only one that had an unfortunate experience during a school dance, Mrs. St. Amant’s worst date night experience was also during a high school dance, Sadies to be specific. After being convinced by her close friend to take Ryan, the recently broken up best friend’s ex-boyfriend, to Sadies, she instantly regretted her choice. During the whole dance, Ryan sat in a chair, wanting to talk about his sadness and the breakup. While all Mrs. St. Amant wanted to do was dance and have a good time. In fact, Mrs. St Amant, “needless to say, would have had a much better time going by [herself].” She advises, from her experience that “ [she] would have gone to all the dances stag–with just a fun group of friends, dancing all night and on [her] own terms.”