Should Teachers Carry Guns?

Photo Courtesy of LA Progressive

Photo Courtesy of LA Progressive

Bita Zadeh, Photojournalist


After meeting with Florida school shooting survivors a few weeks ago, President Trump said he wants “highly trained” teachers to carry guns in an effort to deter the next mass casualty event. Personal opinion can be grouped by age and gender in the highly debated topic: Should teachers carry guns during school hours?

The younger you are, the rasher your decisions will be. Younger people will tend to just base their decisions on their impulsive feelings, rather than look at the facts and see which decision is the best.This would make sense, being that kids do not have a lot of experience to base their opinions off of. Most kids haven’t learned to think things through yet because they’re not old enough to understand that there are repercussions to your actions. This lesson though comes with experience. An eighteen-year-old is not going to understand how significant their opinion is on the president because it has never been significant before. The eighteen-year-old simply does not have enough experiences to see how important his/her opinion is. Adults, on the other hand, have the experiences and know that their opinions and actions can have an impact on your life tomorrow. The interesting thing is, people of all ages agreed in the fact that teachers should not carry guns during school hours. One explanation for this could be that the simple answer to the question, should teachers carry guns during school during school hours is no, but this is not true. Nothing has a simple answer, especially when it comes to children’s safety. While the majority of the people who I asked agreed that teachers should not carry guns, there was more leniency with the older population. While the younger people (15-17 year olds) gave a firm “um no,” because “[they] don’t wanna get shot” and said they think “it is better if we just have more security officers around campus (Alex Hindeleh 11)”, the older generation are more lenient to the idea. While they do not give a straight up no, they do not give a straight up yes either, like kids would. This could be because of more knowledge mentioned earlier, but it also is combined with maturity. Instead of giving an instant yes or no answer with a explanation that is not their or will most likely never happen, the older population give a thoughtful answer. This comes with maturity.It iss most likely that the older you are, the more mature you are. So while the overwhelming majority of people agree that teachers should not carry guns during school hours, you can still group answers together by age based on how mature the answer is.

People’s opinions on this topic can also be grouped together is by gender. Women’s emotions help decide their opinions. Women also look at consequences, time, and money and are mostly concerned about the information that has not been answered. This is not shocking news. Most women like to know everything before even thinking about a decision. It is rare to see any women making a decision blind. It’s also not shocking that women’s opinions are affected by their emotions. Men usually like to analyze the facts. Men also do not like doing something that they do not have to do or sticking their noses in places where it does not belong. If their opinion is insignificant or it is not the time to be giving an opinion, they won’t. While boys and girls and different ages have different ways of forming their opinions, most people seem to agree that teachers should not carry guns during school hours.