Mustangs Got Talent

Ashley Niu, Photojournalist

On Friday, October 17th, in the forum, our Mustangs executed unbelievable exemplary performances on the stage to the student body and friends showcasing their amazing talent. The 2nd annual talent show, hosted by the Choir Club, included various acts that entertained the crowd throughout the night. If you missed out here is a list of the featured categories: instrumental (piano and cello), vocals (singing, beatboxing, and rapping), dance (Tahitian and Korean pop), and theater. The thrilling night was hosted by the lovely main mc’s Melanie Khoe and Alexis Torres along with Marissa Stinnett, Bri Erbach, and Kelly Kurtz and supervised and organized by Ms. Gilfoy with special guest judges Ms. Toxqui and Mrs. Jauch.


The YLHS Talent Show highlighted numerous performances that revealed how much talent there is on our campus. Above includes some of the performances of the night. The performers were awarded according to their individual categories and overall best performance altogether with five winners. Kayla Coates gave an inspirational, heartfelt performance, “To This Day”, which revolved on the idea of bullying and won the category award for theater. While on a more musical note, JP Dabu, who won best vocals out of eight vocal acts, played and sang to the sweet song of “Something” that drew the audience with his piano skills and virtuoso voice. Dabu also featured in the collaboration with Julia Chabot and Kyle Burt as he played the piano to “Say Something” which awed the audience with their harmonious voices together amalgamated with the piano. In the instrumental category, Zirui Zhang performed “Moonlight Sonata” on the piano which impressed the audience with his fluidity and swift hands incorporating great difficulty leading him to win within his category. And let’s not forget about the temporary feeling hopping onto a plane and taking a vacation to Hawaii as Kayla Reger and Malia Busch danced a Tahitian routine to “Fa’a Hei Ta’u” winning within the dance category. Last but not least on the show was wrapped up by Fernando Cardenas as he wowed the crowd with his theatrical reenactment of “I am Aldolpho” that filled the forum with laughter and his character simply astounded people with the whipping of his cape and singing throughout the performance.


These are just the winners; there was immense talent throughout the night that the show was a great experience for the hosts, backstage crew, performers, and audience. One of the main mc’s Melanie Khoe said the talent show was a “wonderful night filled with such amazing talented people and I was so fortunate to be a part of it”. In addition in the perspective of the spectators, Yi Xin Song came to support her friends and thought “the overall performances were astonishing with Aldolpho and Baby Don’t Cry” and wants to go to the show next year to see more Mustang Talent.


Congratulations to all the contestants that performed and brought a wonderful Friday night to all the audience! And thank you Mrs. Jauch and Ms. Toxqui for taking a night out to judge the show!