Club Spotlight: PTSA


All of PTSA gathered for a quick picture at their first mandatory meeting.

Delaney Pietsch , Photojournalist

Yorba Linda High School contains many clubs on campus. From WE Club to Red Cross Club, students are able to choose a group that shares the same interests as themselves. One club that stands out, for helping the community, is the Parent Student Teacher Association, or PTSA. PTSA tries to better their school and community through many types of community service projects and activities during the school year

One of these activities was the Taste of YL. Every other year, PTSA puts a one-night event that highlights our city’s best restaurants. Some on display were Blue Agave, Oceans and Earth, and YLS Bakery. This year there was close to 40 restaurants that came to serve samples of their finest dishes to the community. Family and friends met up and were accompanied by YLHS cheer and song, YLHS Dance Company, YLHS drumline, YLHS theater, and YLHS orchestra. One PTSA member, Salma Almoradi (11),  states that it is her favorite event because she loves “getting to taste all the yummy samples from different restaurants.” This event was a great way to start off the PTSA this school year while also giving back to the city of Yorba Linda.

Next was Career Day. PTSA, ASB, and many helpful parents put together a Career Day every year. This year’s Career Day was filled with a wide range of job opportunities and speakers. With a pilot, nurse, and many other professionals, students were able to listen to passionate individuals talk about the career they love so much.  This may have helped students decide on the career path they might one day want to pursue.

Right now, PTSA is searching for specific Christmas presents to give less fortunate children.  Living in a mostly successful city, it is hard to imagine that children a few cities away would not get to have Christmas this year. PTSA tries to help out through the Crittenton Services. This organization goes to individual kids and asks them what they would like for Christmas this year. Every year, PTSA members are given the most heart-wrenching presents to buy, for all these kids want are pajamas or a heavy jacket. This is always a very warm community service project.

In the near future, PTSA will be putting on Mustang Pride Day. This event focuses on cleaning up the YLHS campus. This is a great opportunity for students to come together to help clean parts of the school they attend every day. While some Mustangs may not treat our school with respect, this event ensures a cleanup project of trash and weeds on school grounds.

PTSA also recognizes the teachers by rewarding them with monthly treats of candy. The students put together treat bags during their meetings. They also have a Christmas Cookie Day and Valentine’s Cupcake Day where students make homemade treats and bring them to the school to share to with the staff members. Towards the end of the year, PTSA brings in a bunch of breakfast items for the annual Teacher Appreciation Breakfast.

Overall, PTSA is a big organization with many helpful students. Not only does PTSA help the community, this organization also focuses on the teachers and faculty. With many eager students in the club, PTSA is able to accomplish more great things each year. This club will only get bigger as the students come up with more opportunities to give back to Yorba Linda.