The Christmas Controversy


Steven Thompson

Some people enjoy having their Christmas trees out all season, including Thanksgiving.

Amber Reddish , Photojournalist

Every year beginning November 1st till the end of Thanksgiving there is a division between holiday lovers across the country. Half of these merry celebrators pull out Christmas lights to string up and holiday soundtracks to play, while others turn to baking pumpkin treats and making turkey decorations. In many cases, the debate over the correct time to celebrate each holiday is a major controversy.

According to Alabama News, 52% of people prefer to begin celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving rather than after. Since Thanksgiving is spent with large groups of family coming together to appreciate each other’s company, many people choose to decorate their surroundings for this time with a variety of holiday festivities. Whether it be a Christmas tree, Christmas lights, or even just a background of Christmas music, these things often have the effect of enhancing average Thanksgiving decorations and creating a more intimate setting. In some cases, people like Cheryl Pham (11) feel that “Christmas is not only a seasonal holiday, it should be celebrated year around.” The Christmas spirit not only brings in an extra sense of joy, but also increases the family bond and connection.

On the other hand, some people are against the idea of beginning the Christmas season in early November due to the fact that it takes away from the overall celebration of Thanksgiving. The overbearing sense of Christmas to sometimes takes away from the true meaning of Thanksgiving: to spread thanks to your loved ones. Some people, such as Chase Brannon (11), feel that “Christmas should not be celebrated before at the very earliest Black Friday, it takes away from family celebration during Thanksgiving.” Although this might be true, there is always a way to find a happy medium.

Despite there being positives and negatives to both forms of celebration, the best way to celebrate could very well be to combine the two. It is always a good idea to try new things and experience the cultures of other people with contrasting ideas to your own. Simply mixing in some Christmas decorations at the dinner table on Thanksgiving, or listening to Christmas music after dinner could extend the heartwarming time of family all the way to the New Year.  As you practice your holiday traditions throughout this holiday season, open your mind to the possibility of new celebrations. You never know, you could be pleasantly surprised and discover a brand new tradition!