Creepin’ It Real

Kate Shepherd (11) walks down the runway as one of her favorite T.V. characters, Barb.

Nikita Kheni

Kate Shepherd (11) walks down the runway as one of her favorite T.V. characters, Barb.

Delaney Pietsch , Photojouralist

For many students at Yorba Linda High School, Halloween is an excuse to show up wearing the same clothes they went to bed in then, they show up to school calling it a costume. Others take this holiday very seriously and go all out, mimicking their favorite cartoon characters or villain. Lunch is the time when all these die hard Halloween fans come out to the quad to participate in the annual Halloween fashion show.

To make the runnings fair, ASB has created a wide range of categories where students can walk up and be a part of the section their costume falls under. From “Best Duo” to “Look Alike”  students can prepare to go up on the stage and walk down while their peers cheer them on. Judging them is a panel of staff members. This ensures that the drawings will not be based off of popularity, but on creativity.

Emily Remer (11) did not dress up to go down the runway, but she still had a fabulous time walking through the school in her The Office themed costume. She noticed “the involvement of the school” and thought it was cool that students were able to “step out of their comfort zones.”

Many types of characters were reenacted on Halloween. Barb from Stranger Things, Dwight from The Office, Pennywise from IT, and many more made an appearance. Even groups of people showed up, like Dorothy, the Lion, and the Scarecrow of The Wizard of Oz.

The appeal of dressing up definitely did not stop with the students. Mrs. Toxqui incorporated the fact she is pregnant into her costume of Pooh Bear. Another theatrical event that the two teachers, Mr. Shanahan and Mr. Lejano, put on was riding up and down the quad on a red motorcycle. They costume attire mimicked Maverick from Top Gun.

One of the winners was Kate Shepherd (11),  Barb from Stranger Things. She said that “walking down the runway gave [her] such a rush” which was heightened when she found out she won. Kate did not think she would win, stating “it started off as a dare with [her] friends.” She was really surprised and excited that the judges liked her costume idea.

Congratulations to all the winners from the Halloween Fashion Show. Not only to the people that won, but also to the other students and teachers that dressed up for the day. Even if it was just for the fun of it.