The International Food Aid


Tian Shui

The International Food Aid works to alleviate malnourishment on a global scheme.

Mabel Ra, Editor

Just last year, a tragic 815 million people suffered  from chronic malnourishment. As stated by Food-Aid, an approximate of 16,000 children die each day from hunger-related problems.

The International Food Aid works to relieve the number of people suffering from hunger. Recently, they have contributed to help persons affected in the recent outbreak of hurricanes, the Yemen War, and Syria by taking food and packages them across the world to starving kids.

The number of people suffering from a dangerously high lack of food is expected to increase. To respond to this alarming concern, countries are working together to feed other countries that have been struck with natural disasters, diseases, or other serious issues.

The Farm Bill that will be under discussion in 2018 will take into consideration the role that the United States has in aiding the international food aid. The Farm Bill made in 2014 will soon expire, leading to the ability of lawmakers to debate the upcoming bill.


According to the United Nation’s World Food Program, the United States has been the most generous country to contribute to the program. In the past decade, the United States has contributed in an estimated two to three times more than other countries.

The USAID, a program by the American government, creates food assistance programs that have helped around three billion people. With sixty years in working, the USAID has supported as much as sixty countries. To continue their beneficial work, the United States takes food locally grown in the US, in addition to money. Primarily, the USAID places its focus on alleviating malnourishment for children and women. However, the shipments of food aid tend to take longer trips– bulk packages of corn and wheat take up to three months to reach their destination after shipment. With collaborations with the United Nations’ World Food Program and other private food-aid organizations, the USAID is able to respond quickly to emergency situations and immediately work to alleviate problems.


The International Food Aid project has a tremendously positive effect on the well-being of people across the world. Coco Xu (11) states her satisfaction with the program, “It’s really nice that programs like this one exist to help others in need.” If we would like to eliminate world hunger, it is important that society works together to donate food, money, or even a voice to spread the message.