Couple Raises Thousands For Homeless Veteran


Left, Johnny Bobbitt Jr. stands with Middle, Mark D’amico, in the streets of Philadelphia with Right, Kate McClure.

Brandon Russell, Editor

From sitting with a roadsign on the mean streets of Philadelphia to spending Thanksgiving in a five-star hotel planning out the plans for his new life, Johnny Bobbitt Jr. did one special act of kindness to make his dream into a reality. Homeless for over three years, Bobbitt was once a successful firefighter and paramedic in the Marine Corps. With little to nothing remaining in his life, his last twenty dollars to his name did not go unnoticed.


Kate McClure, was driving down Interstate 95 when she ran out of gas. Frantic she got out of her car reluctantly to find Bobbitt. According to CNN, he told her to stay in her car and that he would be back. Minutes later, Bobbitt arrived with a red gas can. He spent his last twenty dollars to buy her a tank of gas. As money is hard to come by in a homeless individuals life, this act of kindness to McClure was as selfless as it can get.


As weeks passed, she visited Bobbitt in the streets of Philadelphia. She gave him socks, jacket, hats, and gloves for him to keep warm through the winter season. Also, a few dollars was also included in each visit. However, these little minute trips to Bobbitt did not suffice for McClure. She felt as though the “perfect storm” was to raise money for the person that gave up everything he had to help her. McClure and her boyfriend, Mark D’amico, started a GoFundMe page in the hopes of raising over $10,000 for Bobbitt. Which, according to CNN, would suffice for the “first and last months rent of an apartment, a reliable vehicle, and six months of expenses.”


By this past week, the funds for Bobbitt’s fundraiser exceeded $300,000 dollars in just this past week. With the first donation of $769 dollars, McClure and D’amico knew that their goal could be reached. Not only was it met, but it was exceeded. With over 10,000 individuals showing their support for Bobbitt and McClure’s cause, It was a “wide smile” and “exceedingly awesome” moment for everyone involved. Zac Hardison (11) loves to hear about these kinds of events due to the fact that “the world has mostly lost control of the good news in today’s society,” and “it’s good to hear that event like this are still happening in our world today.”


With all this money now Bobbitt’s, he knows exactly where he wants to put it towards. According to CNN, Bobbitt wants to give back to the groups and people that have helped him along his journey in the streets of Philadelphia. With a majority of the funds going to getting his life back in order, Bobbitt still finds enough room for the people that have aided him in this terrible world we call homelessness.


Best said by D’amico and McClure, “his dreams are not all champagne and caviar.”