Student Spotlight: Aarti Tandon


Aarti Tandon

Aarti Tandon is an amazing student at Yorba Linda High School.

Emily Ito, Photojournalist

Aarti Tandon (12) is a brilliant, organized, and ambitious student who has made an immeasurable impression on Yorba Linda High School during her four years attending. Not only is she meticulous and humble, she is also fully dedicated to all aspects of her life. This year alone, Aarti has made incredible strides in her academic career.

Driven and hardworking, Aarti’s ambition has brought her great success over the years. Aarti has maintained excellent grades, an unbelievable feat given that she is in all honors and APs. She is also involved in a variety of clubs and organizations on campus. For four years running, she has been apart of California Scholarship Federation, Speech and Debate, and PTSA Student Leadership. In Speech and Debate, she has reached phenomenal success having placed in various competitions and is president of Varsity Congress. Additionally, Aarti is a proud member of National Honor Society and Science Olympiad. Her impressive involvement at the school is further illustrated through her creation of the TEDx Club at Yorba Linda High School, putting together and speaking at the first ever TED Talk Event at YL.

Not only is she extremely active on campus, her involvement in extracurriculars extends to all over her community. Her love of books prompted her to join the Yorba Linda Public Library Teen Advisory Board, helping plan and set-up events for teens. She is currently the longest serving member of the board. Aarti also actively contributes to her community. Last year she earned the award for volunteering over 1000 community service hours. Her contributions also included beginning a Non Profit Open Pathway Organization to gain resources for extracurriculars for low funded schools. Of course Aarti also makes time to earn money for herself working as a cashier at Stein Mart.

Because she dreams of a medical career, she also became heavily involved in math and science programs. During her Sophomore and Junior year she served as an intern at UCI along with being involved in the Johns Hopkins Editorial Board of Scholarly Invention.

To add to Aarti’s diverse set of skills, she has been a competitive figure skater for over 12 years. She is incredibly dedicated to her sport and had an impressive accomplishment earlier this year, placing 2nd at ISI World Recreational Southern California 2017.

Despite a hefty schedule and having various accomplishments under her belt at the age of 17, she still maintains a humble and genuine composure. She was modest when describing her list of accomplishments, downplaying many of her successes despite their impressiveness. Her friends also know Aarti as being a big social butterfly. Simran Chowdry (12) described Aarti as a, “very outgoing, sociable person who gets along with everybody and always knows how to make me laugh.”

When asked about her future Aarti stated, “I’m not sure about school, maybe Santiago Canyon. And for my career, I know I want to be a female influencer.”

Overall, Aarti Tandon is an incredibly driven and accomplished teenager who will blossom into a brilliant leader someday. Dani Lee (12) perfectly sums up Aarti when she says, “Aarti is one of the most passionate people I have met. When she has a goal, she’ll do anything to get there.” Regardless of the path she takes, they will all lead to the same destination, success.