Club Spotlight: Red Cross


Gabi Moussa

The Red Cross board posing for a group picture.

Stephen Serrano, Section Editor

On campus, there are many clubs that are hard working and give personality to YLHS. Specifically, one club that goes above and beyond the expectation is Red Cross. Red Cross works so hard to make it a club where students can become a family, as well as helping the less fortunate in our community. From putting in hours of preparation to making members feel comfortable, the Red Cross board invests so much of their time and passion into this club.

You may think, what is Red Cross? Red Cross is “a humanitarian organization led by volunteers and guided by its congressional charter and the fundamental principal of the International Red Cross Movement, [that] will provide relief to victims of disasters and help people prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies” ( In other words, Red Cross members offer their help to anyone who is in an unhealthy environment and to those who need assistance to get on their feet again.

Not only is the YLHS Red Cross active at school, but they are also very avid in the Orange County Chapter Red Cross. At the chapter, most other Red Cross clubs from different schools in the county meet to socialize and discuss how to make your club stronger. The people behind the success of Red Cross are Gabi Moussa (12) who is President, Britney Nguyen (12) who is Vice-President, Stephen Serrano (10) who is Secretary, Sierra Lane (10) who is Treasurer, and Catherine Kang (10) who is Historian. Once a month, the board members go to the chapter and learn from other Red Cross officers how to improve their club. This is part of the reason why Red Cross is a major club on campus.

During the year, Red Cross plans many fun and inspiring events. Recently, they have teamed up with WE Club for the Disaster Relief Fundraiser. In this event, students have a chance to win a pizza party for their fourth period by donating the most money to the victims of the recent hurricanes. Another fun event is the Krispy Kreme Fundraiser for Measles and Rubella. Members sell donuts for this cause and the top sellers win prizes. Members can also become CPR certified and become leaders in times of emergencies.

As the Secretary of Red Cross, I can assure that we, the board, put our hearts and passion into this club. Red Cross is one of my top priorities and nothing makes me happier than to see that I am making a difference in this world. Agreeing with my statements, Sierra Lane states that “Red Cross is a club that changes the lives of victims and its members. It is extremely humbling to know that I am helping someone in need.” I highly recommend joining us to become a lifesaver. Red Cross truly inspires students to do good in their everyday lives.