Budget Travelors Beware


One of Bora Bora’s luxurious hotels suspended over water. Photo Credit: Pinterest

Grace Kim, Photojournalist

Finding the perfect place to have a relaxing vacation comes with a price, yet for certain places that price may be a little too costly. Here are 5 expensive traveler’s destination that budget travelers should be aware of.

  1. Paris: Paris is a “go to” attraction for many tourists; especially the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and the Arc de Triomphe. With the attention from these resorts, Paris comes with a cost. Paris, according to Destination Tips, the average spending to be $1,000 each week not including the cost of food, airfare, and expense to get around the city. Juliette Fournier (11) agrees that her experience in Paris was, “pricier than usual, but Paris did have some amazing places to explore and delicious foods to taste.” Not to mention, Trip Savvy reports hotel prices to be on average 170 euros per night or 197.34 US dollars.
  2. Fiji: Fiji is not a dream vacation for nothing; in fact, it is a dream vacation for most    because of its unbelievably dear cost. A room in Fiji, again from Destination Tips, has been reported to be on average $600 per night. Though the beautiful scenery and amazing service attract popular attention, the cost for one person in a week was estimated by Budget your Trip to be $1,409.
  3. New York City: The Big Apple is a place of dazzling lights, the hottest trends, and superlative pizzas. Not only dazzling lights, hot trends, and superlative pizzas, but New York is also the city of upscale prices from everything in goods to housing. As stated by New York’s official market and tourism company, a daily hotel room is $281 and cost of a meal per person is $43.
  4. Bora Bora: Of all the places on this list, Bora Bora is a must due to their extravagant upscale  prices. To begin, Bora Bora features hotel prices from $104 on the lower end and up to $1089 or more (Hotel.com). Not to mention, cost for food without meal plans provided by one’s hotel can be expected to be around $300 per day (Bora Bora Travel Guide). Even without the cost in sightseeing or transportation, an average “lucky” tourists is spending $404 dollars per night.
  5. Tokyo: The final destination discussed in this article is Tokyo, Japan. Tokyo is on the lower end of the “expensive” spectrum when compared with other locations listed above, yet the price to have a good time in Tokyo is still pretty unbelievable. Including only food expenses and hotel prices, the average spending for a tourist, reported by Budget Your Trip, is $119 on the lower end.

Although popular tourists places such as Bora Bora or New York have amazing scenery, history, and handfuls of activities to do throughout one’s stay, it is always beneficial to check average prices and plan a financial budget for your day off.