A New Way of Buying Cars

Caravan allows for their costumers to buy their new cars online.

Caravan allows for their costumers to buy their new cars online.

Delaney Pietsch , Photojournalist

Almost everyone has a car in their family, and with that comes many long hours waiting to get the keys from the dealership. In the past year or so, companies have come out with a different way of dealing with dealerships. Their idea brings the car right to the buyer’s front door. The big question is whether or not these companies are efficient, or is it just a big scam?

Companies like Carvana let people buy the car they want online. They will then deliver the car to their house. To not put any additional miles on the car, they buy a big enough truck so the car can sit on top of it. This way, no miles are added, and the tires stay in good shape.

So is this a decent idea? Are people actually lazy enough to sit in their home and not actually look at the car they want?  Seeing the car in person seems like a pretty important part of the buying process.

Most of the car brands are backing this up and Carvana gives a 7-day money back guarantee or swap. Does that really make up for all the hassle that was put into the decision making? When buying a car, people want to buy and then leave the dealership, hoping to not have to go back for a while.

While this seems like a good idea, many people have complained in the reviews that their car came damaged. Some people had to take their cars in within a week to get the car tires realigned, while others had to send their cars back because they were completely broken.

So, is it important to see the car while in person? According to Amanda Kassem (11), she “would only buy a car if [she] saw it in person.” If people do not see the car before purchasing it, how would they get a feel for the car? It becomes more complicated to drive the delivered car around for several days, only to return it.

People may think it sounds easier to eliminate the long hours waiting through the car buying process, yet it is a hard concept to grasp, not buying a car in person. Not being able to see the car in person before making the purchase may give a false image of what the car is actually like. For all these people know, the car could be a piece of junk.