Halloween Around the World


Tian Shui

Halloween may be a tradition widely celebrated in the States, but around the world, different holidays are celebrated instead.

Mabel Ra, Editor

For most people, Halloween connotes a festive day of dressing up in costumes and trick-or-treating throughout the night. While Halloween is widely celebrated in this manner in the states, Halloween around the world connotes different festivities based on culture.

  • Dia de Los Muertos

Celebrated in Mexico and Spain, Dia de Los Muertos is a two-day commemoration lasting from October 31st to November 2nd. It originates more than 3,000 years ago as a celebration to honor their ancestors, family, and friends. Dia de Los Muertos is not a day of mourning but rather a day of jubilee; it is a tradition holding that during Dia de Los Muertos, their dead relatives return to Earth to visit their family and friends. On this night, Latin families gather together for a large feast– usually including pan dulce— and to share stories. Offerings and altars are also incorporated throughout this celebration, where candles and flower petals are used to guide the dead.

  • Guy Fawkes Day

Also known as “Bonfire Night,” Guy Fawkes Day is an annual celebration held in the United Kingdom on November 5th. The history of this day dates back to the 1600s during the reign of Catholic enthusiast King James I. As a reaction against his oppressive Catholic rules, a group of men including Guy Fawkes, conspired against James’ reign. After the deaths of these men, Londoners reacted with hosting huge celebratory bonfires. Today, Guy Fawkes Day is celebrated with festivals, parades, and of course, lighting bonfires.

  • Hungry Ghost Festival

In China and Hong Kong, the Hungry Ghost Festival is celebrated for an entire month. According to tradition, Chinese beliefs hold that spirits roam the earth on the fifteenth day of the seventh lunar month. The Hungry Ghost Festival is a marvelous time to take a trip to China or Hong Kong, because it is a day that represents their cultural beliefs. The jamboree of this night consists of parades, operas, burning incense, and opera performances; for the ghosts and ancestors to use in the afterlife, Chinese also lay food offerings and burn fake money.

And for the United States? Halloween has been a widely celebrated holiday since the ancient Celtics. Each year on the thirty-first of October, thousands of Americans dress up in costumes of their favorite characters or objects and at night, go door-to-door trick-or-treating and receiving candy from friendly neighbors. Alexa Safford (11) celebrated Halloween by “trick-or-treating with her friends and having a great time.” Halloween night brings communities together and unites one another through the fun of the night.

Each year, YLHS ASB hosts a Halloween Fashion Show, where students share their costumes and Mustang spirit.

Yorba Linda High School has its own way of celebrating Halloween. Each year, YLHS ASB hosts a Halloween Fashion Show, where students share their costumes and Mustang spirit. Held at lunch, Mustangs are free to volunteer and participate in the fashion show by walking on the ramp. The costumes are then ranked in different categories, including “Scary,” “Group,” “Miscellaneous,” and “Creative.” The annual Halloween Fashion Show is a great way to get involved with the festivities of Halloween, in addition to incorporating Mustang spirit!