Student Spotlight: Brenda Perez


Brenda Perez

Brenda enjoying her day at the beach with a dog.

Alyssa Pepito, Photojournalist

Around YLHS, there are students who are known for their wide range of hobbies and school activities. Brenda Perez (11) stands out as one of the students in YLHS who is interesting and quite unique. She is involved in both advanced video productions and WE Club.

During school, she attends the class that entertains all students and staff of YLHS, advanced video productions. Video productions is the team which prepares videos for pep rallies, records all varsity sports games, and produces the school’s bi weekly broadcast called Mustang Mix. She has been a part of this team since her freshman year, three years, and she considers it to be her “favorite and most enjoyable class.” She loves her team and admits the class is critically helpful and “full of such creative people.” Throughout her teenage years, she has been mesmerized with the filming process and how she is able to use her artistic and creative abilities to create something big. Even as the class work is not done easily, the hard work definitely pays off.

She enjoys going to the many different sports games and rallies which our school is involved in as she loves to bring on her school spirit and cheer the teams on. As a part of being in video productions she is required to go to games and school events to film them for Mustang Mix; however, in her eyes, it isn’t really a bad thing because she loves showing her energetic and spirited side, especially around friends. Reilly Canestrale (11) would best describe Brenda as “a spooktacular, cheerful, energetic, and lovable person” and says how “she always makes [her] laugh, even when [she] doesn’t want to.”

As well as video productions, she is a part of WE Club here at YLHS. Through WE Club she learns more about the community and how to help people in need. She admires the way the club focuses on lending a helping hand because she is “all about spreading love and positivity.” One great positive from this club is that she is surrounded by people who also share the same interests as her.

In 2015, CIEE, a study abroad program, had granted YLHS 20,000 to give out to students looking to study abroad in over 20 different locations around the world. Brenda applied for the scholarship to study abroad in Ghana, Africa and received the email saying she got it. When in Ghana, she would spend about four hours a day helping the amazing children and also helping the people around the community. After her trip, she saw how it was to live in a third world country and was inspired by how humble everyone was even as they were suffering.

Although Brenda confesses how she is unsure of what she wants to be when she gets older, she knows what route she wants to take. Her trip to Ghana contributed to her idea on what she wants to do with her future. She wants to be able to help the people who are in need of it the most and in any way she can. Brenda is truly inspiring to many students here at YLHS. There is a bright future ahead for a wonderful girl like Brenda Perez and she most definitely has the potential to do great things in the coming years