Homecoming Theme Reveal


The main theme of the Homecoming Dance is based off a Moana luau represented by a volcano

Malieka Khan, Photojournalist

At 12:20 pm on October 6 in the quad the Homecoming theme had been revealed to be a Moana Luau. The reveal of theme has set into motion many exciting plans and ideas for homecoming itself such as dresses, dates, and dinners. This theme also influences the student body’s decisions on the night as well.

With the Hawaiian theme of Moana, many outfits will revolve around flower themes or bright colors. This works perfectly with homecoming since the dance is somewhat formal but not a complete fancy ball, making a luau the perfect mix between the two. Several stores also have these beautiful dresses and ties making it the perfect time to shop for them right now.

At the dance itself many students are suspecting a fun vibrant setting especially based off the way the reveal was given. Dance Company performed an amazing dance choreographed by Mrs. Maes (staff) after weeks of preparation. Thanks to them, this reveal was exciting and entertaining, with the perfect mood to go with the dance’s theme including several flowing movements with layers around their necks.

This theme could be taken in many different directions such as a red,orange, and yellow color scheme to go with the vibrancy of the Hawaiian beaches or could maybe include a darker red with a brown undertone for the massive volcano on the poster during the reveal. The decorations will most likely revolve around flowers and palm trees as well as a more rocky and beach theme throughout it.

The students are very excited about the theme and feel as if it will be an amazing dance with an even better theme. The idea of a luau is the perfect blend of calm and laid back as well as high class and proper to them, as well as the fact that they will not have to search high and low for certain outfits and colors to go with the theme. And since the dance is a Luau essentially, all students who are attending know that they will have an amazing time with a fun theme.

Ever since that Friday at lunch the entire student body has been buzzing with excitement for the upcoming dance. This is partially due to the amazing dance reveal brought on by Dance Company, the theme Moana Loa itself, and the anticipation for the second dance of the year.