Volunteering with Interact Club

Interact Club is a sub organization of Rotary club. Photo credit: rotary.org

Interact Club is a sub organization of Rotary club. Photo credit: rotary.org

Grace Kim, Photojournalist

Is it the truth? Is it fair to all concerned? Will it build goodwill and better friendships? Will it be beneficial to all concerned? These four questions are the foundation of how and why Interact club came to be. Interact club is a sub-organization from a  major nonprofit organization called the Rotary. As a result, even after graduating high school, students can join the Rotary to further their volunteer experience. The main goals of Interact club include promoting peace, fighting diseases, providing clean water, saving mother and children, supporting education, and growing local economies. Including worldwide issues, Interact club focuses on helping the local community, Yorba Linda. Currently, there are 20,372 Interact clubs all throughout United States, Canada, Nepal…etc and Yorba Linda High School is privileged to be one of them.

Though Interact Club counts as a “club” it is much more. Through Interact Club students are able to learn leadership skills, increase their knowledge on worldwide issues, and volunteer to earn service hours. As of now, the club advisor is Mr. Lejano and the president running the club is Melody Tang (12). Melody has been involved in Interact Club since sophomore year, “it definitely means a lot to [her] since [Melody] has made a lot of good memories from the opportunities, and as president enjoyed helping all the club members experience the same annual events.” There are several other board member positions including treasury, secretary, volunteer hours manager, etc… and a sponsor from the Rotary organization, Samantha Bigonger, that work together with Melody to maintain an efficient club.

This year a number of students that were interested in joining Interact Club reached over 40 students. Of those 40 students, Interact Club was able to provide a variety of volunteer opportunities like dinner for veterans, Lobsterfest, Rose parade decorations, and many more. To maintain an environment where everyone can contribute and be rewarded for their contributions, Interact club has been running in a very efficient, but nonstressful environment. To start, Interact club provide volunteer hours for just writing 3 cards for the elderly at our local senior shelter during our meetings. In addition, the board members are consistently asking members to suggest any improvements that the club as a whole can make. Not to mention, our diligent volunteer organizers work hard to find volunteer opportunities that are posted on the board for anyone interested to sign up.

Finally, for going to these events the Interact Club Board members keep in track of who and for how long, so that we are able to supply the right amount of service hours. Keep in mind,  there is no penalty for not going; it is all based on your availability. Interact club meets twice a month on Wednesdays and provide free pizza for those who come. In the end, Interact club is a fun organization in a friendly environment that promotes volunteering and making even a small difference in the world we live today.