Guys, That’s Not Dancing…

Guys, That’s Not Dancing...

Nathan Shube, A & E Editor

With Homecoming on the horizon, a lot of peoples’ minds are consumed with so many things: who to ask, how to ask, what to wear, where to go for dinner, who to hang with, and infinitely more questions… But one question that isn’t being asked, but should be is, “How am I going to dance?” The way we act at dances is just as if not more important than what we wear or who we go with. Guess what guys? The way we dance says a lot about us as people.


But it wasn’t always this way. Back in the days of our parents’ youth, there was little physical contact at dances. Mr. Cadra explained how “the only physical contact [during school dances] was during the slow songs”, and that, when you did make contact with those of the opposite sex, “you put your arms around her neck, she put her arms around your waist, and you swayed.” In effect, there was enough space for someone to stand in between the two of you. Not only that, but get this, I know this is a crazy idea for some of us, but you could actually make eye contact with the person with whom you were dancing. Furthermore, conversation was even possible.
However, just 10 years ago, teens progressed (or should I say regressed) to the “dancing” of today. Mr. Shanahan explained how there were “Hitch” rules in place, similar to the dancing of Mr. Cadra’s time; however, “most kids would just grind all over each other and call it dancing.” Unfortunately not much has changed since then, but perhaps it’s time we start. Senior J.P. Dabu (12) is fed up with the grinding saying, “It’s definitely not a fascinating sight to see.”


I’m not asking for us to swing dance or do the tango; I’m just asking to stop doing “the bend and shuffle” as Mrs. Runge puts it.