YLHS Ranked #191 In the Nation


The Yorba Linda high School, as featured in Newspaper. Photo by Lily Rajaee.

Lily Rajaee, Photojournalist

On September 8th, 2014, Newsweek released a list of the top ranking high schools in the nation. Yorba Linda High School was ranked as #191 nationally.


Newsweek calculated these ranks strictly based on each high school’s performance in college preparedness testing. Additionally, they take into consideration the obstacles each community faces based on their socioeconomic inequality. This means that they fairly rank the schools, not biased based on the amount of money that they have.


Additionally, they look at the high school’s enrollment rate and graduation rate. After entering these rates, they weigh their AB/IB composite scores as well as their SAT/ACT composite scores. Another important factor when ranking the high schools is the student-to-counselor ratio, ensuring that all students have the efficient support they need to get through high school. All these factors contribute to the carefully constructed list of the top high schools in the nation.  Surely, the combination of amazing staff members working with students leads to the greatness of Yorba Linda High Schools.


Many staff members are not surprised by how successful our  school has been over the past few years. When asked to comment on our school’s high ranking, Mr. Flynn commented, “It is nice for our school to be recognized not only in our community, but on a national level. I think the most important quality of our school is the close connection between our students and the community. This is what creates an amazing high school.”


Thanks to the dedication of all Mustangs, Yorba Linda High School is excelling in their academic performance. Surely, it is satisfying to see that all the hard work of Yorba Linda High School students and staff are being recognized on a national scale.


Being named #191 on Newsweek’s America’s Top High School’s list is definitely something that all Mustangs should be proud of.