Vegas Shooting’s Affect on Gun Control


Drew Angerer/Getty Images

This is where the mass shooting had taken place only a few days back.

Malieka Khan, Photojournalist

October 1, at a concert in Las Vegas a gunman had committed the biggest modern day mass shooting killing 58 people and leaving 500 wounded. Many debates and issues have been sparked up as a result of this event, yet the major one seems to be revolved around gun control and whether it is safe for people to be able to own guns freely.

An article written by Mashable states that the following things are harder to do than purchasing a gun in America: pay off student loans, buy birth control, finding a cure for the common cold, marry someone, register to vote, and donate blood. Many are taking the stance that the idea that it is easier to carry a weapon in a person’s household than it is to donate blood is a terrible thing, and after events such as the shooting in Vegas many could see why. However some are arguing that it is in fact safer for people to have guns as protection and for situations beyond their control that they should be prepared for as shown many times through history such as when, “People [who] didn’t believe in firearms in Europe [are] the reason why they are in ashes now” Brent Yun (10).

Even celebrities have come out to speak on this topic and debate within media on the issue of gun control. Ariana Grande, the night of the shooting had tweeted about terrorism and the need for gun control across the United States as a whole. She was said to believe that with the limits and control over the purchasing of guns that it would lead to a safer and less violent society. The argument to this that many have brought up seems to be that if a person would want to use a gun for the wrong reasons, they would find a way to get the guns in the first place. Time and time again, the issue people who do not support gun control bring up is how it is not the gun or the purchasing of the gun that is bad, in fact that could be helpful at times, it is the people who misuse them who should be fought against and dealt with. In other words, do not hate the weapon, hate the person in charge of the pain.

This is a much debated topic that has been going on for years now with two completely different ends that could drastically affect the way the United States functions depending. Especially after events like this are these widespread debates even more important and focused on throughout the world. Gun control is a topic that many people disagree on, but there are clearly both sides to take into account, just one may be better than the other.