Movie Review: “Friend Request”

Friend Request

“Friend Request”

Bita Zadeh, Photojournalist


Friend Request is the best-worst horror film of 2016. It’s a cyber thriller that keeps you at the edge of your seat. It starts with an intriguing idea – exploring the downsides to social media – but it quickly just follows the routine setups of most typical uninspired ghost stories. It is just another cheesy scary movie, but it is very watchable.


The story revolves around Laura, a university student who has a boyfriend and tons of friends, both on Facebook and in real life. Since her social media friends number is over 800, Laura doesn’t mind accepting a friend request from Marina, a hoodie-wearing, Goth-like fellow student. It’s not surprising that Marina has made the request since her number of friends before Laura accepts her is exactly zero.

Marina, whose Facebook page is filled with her original creepy drawings and animations, soon develops an obsession with Laura. After Laura lies to her about a birthday party, Marina becomes even more unhinged, to the point where Laura is forced to unfriend her. Marina’s response is to post a video online in which she commits suicide by simultaneously hanging and setting herself on fire.

That would seem to be the end of Laura’s involvement with Marina. That is, until Marina begins cyberstalking her from the grave and posting horrific videos in Laura’s name. Laura tries to delete the videos or even remove her account, but nothing is working and then her friends wind up being systematically murdered in bizarre, supernatural incidents.


This movie had a very clever concept but was ruined by poor execution. When asked what she thought of the movie, Arezu Monshizadeh (11) said that “It was a typical scary movie, the outcomes very predictable, but it was still interesting. It was bad, but a good bad scary movie if that makes sense.” Though it isn’t the best movie, it demands to be seen through to its completion. If you’re going to commit, you must finish it, if only so that you can enjoy every bit of this cheesy plot to its full extent. Young audiences today have been in need of a terrible, yet an enjoyable film that they can look back on as good times with bad movies.