Netflix, from the Internet to the Airplane?


Todd Haselton | CNBC

Netflix app in the airport.

Stephen Serrano, Section Editor

Many high school students believe Netflix is a necessity whenever they are bored. Watching TV shows is easy as ever, thanks to the app. Practically anywhere with wifi or cellular data service makes it accessible to whoever wants to watch. Netflix has gone so far as a company and with its viewership. On September 25, Netflix has announced that they will be working with airlines to get the app accessible on the plane (CNN Money).

Starting as a DVD renting service on the internet in 1997, Reed Hastings’ idea came up from when he owed $40 in late fees (CNET). Hastings and his colleague, Marc Rudolph, wanted the company to be the “ of something” (The Washington Post). Because of the late fees, the pair decided that they wanted to ship as many DVDs to people with just one monthly subscription. This idea expanded onto the internet in 2007. The company now streams movies and TV shows online and is taking over the entertainment industry with new “Netflix Original” series.

Often hard to find a place where people cannot stream, many do not expect to watch all your favorite shows on the airplane. When traveling, the plane ride to your destination can be the worst part of a trip. In hope of making the flying experience more enjoyable, Netflix has released a statement about how airlines will now offer cheap or free Wi-Fi to Netflix users as soon as 2018 (CNN Money). Since there is already a feature where people can download episodes and movies, people have complained that it takes up too much storage on their devices. As a result, the Wi-Fi will help passengers save storage and have a more enjoyable flight. All over the globe, there are around 103.9 million Netflix users, so this is exciting news for anyone flying with an account. Netflix is no stranger with partnering with airlines because they have made deals with Virgin America to have their content onboard. Recently, Qantas, Virgin Australia, and Aeromexico have signed deals with the “streaming king” (CNN Money).

Ecstatic about the news, Netflix user Nick Deang (10) exclaims, “I am so excited for Netflix to be on the plane because the ride is so boring and the movies offered in flight are often outdated or not my choice.” Netflix is becoming even easily more accessible to the public. It seems that the company is going into a great direction and there is definitely much more to come.