Student Spotlight: Sophia Yackey


Sophia and her teammate Claire before a big game

Bita Zadeh, Photojournalist

Maintaining exceptional grades while being a star player on a high school sports team can be very difficult, but it is what Sophia Yackey (11) does on a daily basis.  Her driven personality has kept her excelling at everything she puts her mind to. She believes that “working hard will get me where I want to be”, and she makes it look as simple as it sounds.

Since freshman year, Sophia has been a member of the YLHS women’s JV tennis team. Her first year was just a trial run, and she ended up loving it. After completing her first season, she then started to prepare for next year. A private coach, 6th-period practices, and 3 hours of hard work every day got her where she is today: captain and star player of the women’s tennis team.

Other than being an outstanding tennis player, Sophia is one of the brightest students in the sophomore class.  She is a straight A student and is taking a very difficult AP class which is adding on to a lot of work junior year already brings. Off to a great start, Sophia has been excelling in AP Lang, Honors Chemistry and all of her other Honors classes. Her workload is very heavy, and tennis takes up plenty of her time, but she puts her mind to what she needs to do and gets it done. She plans to be a part of CSF and NHS as she has been the past two years, showing that she is very dedicated. Sophia’s drive to do well in everything has kept her with impressive grades and an above average GPA of 4.3.

In the future, Sophia aims to attend Baylor University and then follow up by attending a flight school to become a pilot because that has always been her dream. Briauna Nowland (11) explains, “Sophia and I have been friends for as long as I remember and she’s always had this drive to be great at everything she does.”

Sophia Yackey is a great student, devoted friend, and so much more. She is prepared and excited for the next two years at YLHS and keeping up with all her classes and well as continuing her passion for tennis. She excels both in school and outside of school, and she is headed in the right direction for the future.