Welcome to Yorba Linda High School Dr. Richard Dinh!

The New Assistant Principal


Wayne Chan

Dr. Dinh, the new assistant principal.

Wayne Chan, Editor

Yorba Linda High School has a new member in its administrative team: Assistant Principal Dr. Dinh.

Dr. Dinh acquired his doctoral degree in educational leadership at USC. Although Dr. Dinh is a part of the administration now, he never considered being an administrative personnel when he first began teaching in 2005. Dr. Dinh taught in the Garden Grove Unified School District for ten years, teaching a variety of subjects and a diverse range of students, from Advanced Placement Literature and United States History to English Learners. After his tenure in GGUSD, Dr. Dinh served as an administrator in Allentown, Pennsylvania for three years prior to coming to Yorba Linda High School.

Dr. Dinh is thrilled to be at YLHS and recognizes Yorba Linda High School’s distinction as one of the top ranking schools in Orange County. Dr. Dinh(staff) states, “YLHS is great because of the dedicated students, teachers, and parents. I am humbled and honored to serve as an administrator at Yorba Linda High School.” Dr. Dinh’s main goal as an administrator is to support and partner with the faculty to serve students.

A concept that Dr. Dinh(staff) wishes for students to carry through their lives, even beyond the high school experience, is that “regardless of life’s circumstances and challenges, all things are attainable  through perseverance and hard work.”

Welcome to Yorba Linda High School Dr. Dinh!