How to be ready for Finals Week!

Theres only one way to prepare for finals week. Photo courtesy of

There’s only one way to prepare for finals week. Photo courtesy of

Hailee Ramirez, Editor

The second semester of the 2016-2017 school year is over in less than two weeks, which means it’s YLHS mustangs favorite time of the year. Finals week! The awaited, most beloved week of the semester will be here soon to give us that B instead of that A. There are so many little tips and tactics to successfully get through this amazing upcoming week of finals. Here are a few:


1.Watch Netflix

The night before every final you have to take, make sure to stay up till four in the morning watching every Netflix series you can. Netflix keeps your brain awake and alert, so when you go to take your final you will be highly focused.


2.Sleep next to your Textbooks

Who has time for studying for finals, when you can just take all your textbooks and put them next to you while you sleep. If you do this every night a week before finals, then, without a doubt, you will retain all of the information in the textbooks and not even have to bother studying.


3.Don’t even show up to your final

Teachers are very understanding when it comes to taking finals. So, if you wake up in the morning, and have a little cold, just don’t show up to your final. Make sure to tell your teacher you woke up with a cold, and they will automatically give you an A on your final. So, if you feel at all sick before your finals, don’t stress because you’ll get an A.


4.Get rid of your Study Guides

Plain and simple, study guides are just a huge waste of time. Teachers are just trying to give you more homework. Instead, take all the study guides you receive, and burn them in a little fire. Then, just take the ashes and make bracelet or necklace out of them. Make sure to wear it during your final, and you are prone to pass with flying colors.


5.Eat Junk food for breakfast

They always say eat a good breakfast before your finals. What they mean by “good” is eat all that good junk food that you love. Honestly, just go all out by eating ice cream, chocolate, chips, cake, or whatever junk food you enjoy. It will have you feeling refreshed, happy, and energized for your finals.


To all the mustangs preparing for finals, make sure to use these helpful tips if you want good grades on all your finals.