Review: Khalid’s Debut Album

“American Teen”

Khalids album cover of his debut album. Photo courtesy of

Khalid’s album cover of his debut album. Photo courtesy of

Hailee Ramirez, Editor

Khalid, the newest R&B singer-songwriter to the music industry, has been capturing the souls of almost all music lovers with his soothing, yet, calming voice and lyrics. The rhythm and beat of his songs are quite different from any other singer, which is why he’s seemed to spark so many people. Recently, he came out with his debut album, “American Teen,” which was released on March 3, 2017, and is already in “Top 10 on the Billboard 200,” according to Billboard. His album consists of fifteen different songs that he wrote all himself. Five of those songs, which are “Location,” “Saved,” “Let’s Go,” “Coaster,” and “Hopeless,” he released much earlier than his actual album. At only nineteen years old, he is already “scratching the surface of fame” with millions of people in awe of him and his music (Genius).


If you like chill and a little upbeat tunes that you can vibe to, then Khalid’s album is the one for you. All of his songs, which he wrote himself, have lyrics that speak to our generation and the struggles we all go through as teenagers in high school. For instance, his song “Young, Dumb, and Broke” describes “exactly what me and teenagers everywhere are; young teenagers who have their whole life ahead of them and are learning very slowly from their mistakes,” states Bella Lascari (11). However, that is not the only song, his whole entire album describes the real life as a teenager; since, he himself is still one and was in highschool not too long ago.


His first ever song that he came up with and published separately, on August 26, 2016, was “Location.” It went to the Top 10 in Billboard within only a few months of his publishing of it. Also, many remixes have been made because of its popularity and unique tempo. This song is such a genuine and heartwarming song that not only speaks to teenagers, but everyone. It is basically summing up the story of the search of a true lover that all long to find, but rarely come across. Of course, like most music, a lot of his songs incorporate the topic of young love and how it always seems to fail.


So, to anyone in search of new music, “American Teen” is definitely an album that will amaze your ears and heart. Currently, Khalid is on tour, so, if you have the opportunity, go listen to his music live.