YLHS Womens Lacrosse 2017 Season

2016-2017 YLHS Varsity Womens Lacrosse. Photo courtesy of ylhsladymustangslax.com

2016-2017 YLHS Varsity Womens Lacrosse. Photo courtesy of ylhsladymustangslax.com

Hailee Ramirez, Editor

The YLHS lady mustangs varsity lacrosse team surprises everyone each year with their astounding championships, dedication, and hard work. Every year the team advances their scores with their specific game tactics and plans.These mustangs have been practicing and improving for the spring season before the 2016-2017 school year began, which clearly made an impact this spring season. With their twenty four players, they all “win and lose together in order to make themselves stronger and better for the following season,” voices Emely Buckley (11). Of course, the show would not go on without their motivating coaches, Aed, Kat, and Liz. Aside from their coaches, each everyone one of them “always have each others backs through thick and thin, and have grown closer as a family as the years go by,” states Natalie Kouri (11).


This season they earned over six wins due to the hardworking attackers, midfielders, defenders, and goalie. The attackers are Natalie Dicken (12), Eunice Lee (12), Sarah Reisinger (12), Kassandra Luna (12), Taylor Stayberg (12), Sophia Kiasi (12), Jessica Gerrish (11), Lily Amidon (9), and Natalie Kouri. The defenders are Olivia Speake (12), Brooke Torres (12), Lauren Fitts (11), Hannah Richter (11), Emily Remer (10), and Miranda Sparkman (10). The midfielders consist of Ashley McFarland (11), Jaylin Mandley (11), Bri Venero (11), Lauren Borak (11), Ava Delaney (9), and Darby Rose (9). Lastly, their one goalie, which is Emely Buckley. Their first win this season was against Woodbridge, March 3rd, which was cutting it close with them earning earning six points against the other team who scored five. However, apart from this little scare in the road, they redeemed themselves the following week. They did this by getting a striking score of twenty one points against Sage Hill who could only get a score of six points past these lady mustangs. Of course, they did get some losses, which were against Newport Harbor, El Toro, and a few more. These losses, however, only made them want to strive harder and harder for more wins, which is exactly what they did. On March fourteenth, they faced Norco, whom they crush with an excruciating fifteen points and Norco zero points. Not only this win, but they also won against Valencia, as well, the subsequent week. 


The lady mustangs will continue to amaze YLHS with their strenuous teamwork and ability to defeat the obstacles put in front of them. They may have earned some losses this season, but they also achieved many wins within their season, as well.