Review: Everything, Everything


“Everything, Everything” came to theaters May 19. Photo courtesy of imdb.

Hailee Ramirez, Editor

For all the lovers of those corny, yet, charming love stories, the movie “Everything, Everything” will have your heart. It is sure to fill all those teenage girl hearts with laughs and tears simultaneously. Of course, at the same time, it is bittersweet “with its diverse love story, but its focus on real life problems and tragedies,” voices Julia Palacio (12)


The main character, Maddy (Amandla Stenberg), has a severe auto-immune disorder that forbids her to go outside to the real world. On the other hand, that is the one thing she longs to do with her curious and imaginative mind that dreams to see the ocean and do everyday activities. As the plot goes on, she slowly begins to fall in love with her neighbor, Olly (Nick Robinson), whom she can only communicate through windows and texting. Yet, this big dilemma does not stop her from risking her life to be with him. At first, Olly begins coming in her house and hanging out with her, and bringing her pictures of all the oceans to her. Eventually, she decides to risk her life and run away to Hawaii with Olly. These scenes in the movie are perhaps the cutest of the whole movie and are the most heartwarming and aweing with the sweet and well-acting. It depicts each and every scene as if you are right there with Olly and Maddy. Maddy, of course, finally goes swimming in the ocean in Hawaii, and experiences every adventure she has ever dreamt of. Sadly, near the end of her trip, she gets super sick and is rushed to the hospital and then sent back home, with her mom not allowing Olly to see her. However, this does not stop her never ending love for him because she runs out to see him once she is better. Towards the end of the plot, she learns news that will change her life forever. The ending will leave everyone and everyone speechless because it is the last thing you would expect. This movie really focuses on those raw and daunting aspects of life that the movie industry doesn’t always incorporate in the movies.


Also, this is not only a movie, but a novel, which is much more detailed and gives the more in depth picture of the whole plot. Whenever you get the chance, you must watch this exhilarating movie, so you can experience the astounding ending first hand.