Yorba Linda Mustangs “Versus Week” Takes Center Stage


Quinn Santone

Above, the first add for the start of “Versus Week” was posted on the Yorba Linda Mustang Twitter Page. Therefore, promoting the first ever competition day.

Brandon Russell, Photojournalist

Since the school opened in 2009, our very own YLHS ASB staff has come up with vast amounts of different and creative events to promote school pride. However, this year was the first in which the first ever “Versus Week” has taken place on the YLHS campus. In an effort to lift the spirits of students before finals, each day of the week is one in which allows students to choose a different outfit they want to dress in each day. From dressing like you’re coachella bound or preparing for a line dance at stagecoach, each day was one which prompted students to “verse” each other through their choice of clothing.


The week of May 22-26 was one in which was packed with school pride and competition. On Monday, students were given the choice to wear either pajamas or fancy attire, which was promoted as “Night In VS Night Out.” On Tuesday, the inner “Mathletes VS Athletes” rivalry vividly came to sight. Furthermore, on Wednesday the competition between “Stagecoach VS Coachella” was where students showed their true colors. Next, on Thursday, the take between becoming a “Mom VS a Dad” was one in which brought out many dad hats and strollers. Finally, on Friday, students showed their true mustang colors through choosing between “Navy VS Crimson.” However, it is not just the students who get into the competition. The staff and faculty mostly chose to participate in at least one of the weeks competition dress up days.


Although the main purpose of “Versus Week” is to relieve students’ stress before finals, Alyssa Garcia (12), an astounded ASB member relies that “one of the other main purposes is to create a positive competitive environment on campus. Furthermore, during this week, students were finally able to choose between two different topics and show their inner mustang spirit.” It was seen through this long, yet eventful week the true inner spirits and colors of students all around campus. Cameron Carlson (10), is just one of the students that participated in all dress up days during this competitive week, and his actions made him “feel so free to be myself and enjoy seeing what [his] friends choose themselves.”


It was vividly depicted throughout this week the majority of different artistic and creative abilities in which all Yorba Linda students deeply posses. Through getting out of your comfort zone to not caring what other people think, the inner goal of trying to get students stress free and to be themselves again is one in which the ASB class and staff certainly exceeded. Although this was the first time in which this school wide competition has taken place, it is certain that “Versus Week” is not ready to go any time soon.