Snapchat Adds New and Improved User Updates


Above, is an example of different cutouts, stickers, and geotags that users can use to improve each Snap they send.

Brandon Russell, Photojournalist

The biggest change has finally made it’s way into the world of Snapchat. Now going on its fifth year of existence, many new updates have come about to improve the world of social media and Snapchat. However, the unveiling of the new recent updates, are ones in which no user could ever see coming. Since its upbringing in 2011, the app has forever been known and used to send photos and videos with them disappearing in an allotted amount of seconds. Knowing that nothing can be so called traced and that users photos and videos will never be seen again, has now been forever changed.


On May 9, the company released its new and improved updates to users all across the globe. There were many changes including new filters, Geotags, and different coloring schemes; however, the biggest and most impactful change, was the incorporating of limitless snaps into the program. From now being able to draw with emojis to allowing everyone you follow to know when and where you are at, the company is now instilling many changes that are altering what the company was originally made up for. With this new aspect of limitless snaps, It allows users to choose the limitless option and forever allow viewers and members to see photos and videos before exiting. The viewer and user feedback from society has been astronomically good and honest; therefore, allowing the company to forever instill these new updates into the program for good. Amber Reddish (10) is one who also loves “the new infinite button. This is because I can finally watch Snapchats for as long as I want.”


However, it is not just the new infinity button that everyone is raving about. The new and improved daily Geotags are ones in which provide users with cool art and picture ideas. Through the incorporation of more classy and sophisticated tags and captions, users are yet again allowed to create art and captions that are close and dear to their heart. By incorporating each holiday that comes around to celebrating different sports teams accomplishments, Snapchat is also creating a news and information providing style of social media. This new update has sure achieved the goal of making users and viewers delighted with these new additions.


It is seen that all of these new additions to the app have made a huge impact on people’s lives and society as a whole. When asked what new updates he would like to see in the future, Cameron Carlson (10) would like to see “group facetime on snapchat so I can enjoy a special moment with more than just one of my friends.”