Comedy Sportz: Teacher Edition

Above, is the pronounced logo in which the Comedy Sportz team prides itself on.

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Above, is the pronounced logo in which the Comedy Sportz team prides itself on.

Brandon Russell, Photojournalist

The competitive improv team, which we know as Comedy Sportz, has yet again provided Yorba Linda High School with another successful teacher vs. student match. With a laugh or get your money back guarantee, students know that attending will always be of high value. Throughout the years at Yorba Linda High School, the comedy sportz team has long instilled the famous teacher matches into an annual tradition. The match had no shortage of laughs and joy with participants including: Mr. Cadra, Mrs. Shay, Mr. Hay, Mr. Walls, Mrs. Toxqui, Heir Williams, Ms. Stephenson, and Mr. Shanahan. Through the past years, students and staff have eagerly awaited the two teacher matches that occur each and every year. Alyssa Garcia (12) is just one student in which believes “the teacher match is one of the top and funniest matches of the year.” As the match progressed, her “favorite part was mr. Hay getting a brown bag foul for his inappropriate language.”

In the first half of the match, the first five teachers Mr. Cadra, Mr. Hay, Mr. Walls, Mrs. Shay, and Mrs. Toxqui, entered the ring and battle against five students. After many jokes, roasts, and on the spot challenges, the students took the win against the teachers and staff. Yet again in the second and last half of play, Mr. Shanahan, Mrs. Stephenson, and Heir Williams, lost once again against another group of YLHS students.

In a student vs. teacher environment, the crowd can sense the competitive nature in which all participants play with. Students in the audience are immediately immersed in the match as soon as it begins. With acts like involving the crowd and pumping up the audience, the jokes only become funnier and funnier. The main reason in which the teacher match stands out from the rest, is because teachers that students interact with each and every day are able to interact with them in a fun and entertaining environment. Jake Johnson (12), a long time Comedy Sportz participant, always looks forward to “interacting with a group of teachers on stage, and being ourselves around each other.” This is possible due to the environment in which the Comedy Sportz management provides through each and every match.

Kayla Coates (12) is one of the astounding Comedy Sportz managers, in which her goal is to “create and develop solid scenes on the spot with suggestions from the audience that contain distinct characters and conflicts.” This goal was successfully completed in the teachermatch through the “playing of the games,” and “instilling of energy and happiness into the audience.” Without this competitive improv team, that we all know as Comedy Sportz, the laughs that keep people going throughout school may not be possible. To witness the thrill yourself, the team is holding another match on May 17th in the Forum, go check it out!