The Chase for Murderer Steve Stephens

Murderer Posts Video of Execution


Robert Godwin Sr. (Photo courtesy of CNN)

Wayne Chan, Photojournalist

On Easter Sunday, while walking home from an Easter meal with his grandchildren, 74-year-old Robert Godwin Sr. was shot dead while being filmed by Steve Stephens.

Steve Stephens, angered by issues with his girlfriend, visits his mother. During the visit he warns his mother that this is the last time they will meet. In the video, a disgruntled Steve leaves and encounters Robert Godwin. Steve Stephens walks up to Robert Godwin and tells him to say out loud “Joy Lane,” the name of Steve Stephen’s girlfriend. After Robert Godwin repeats the name, Stephens says, “She’s the reason why this is about to happen to you.” Then without hesitation Stephens brutally guns down the innocent Robert Godwin Sr.

Immediately after the killing, Steve Stephens enters his car and drives the white Ford vehicle away. In the video Stephens claimed he had killed another 15 or so victims. However, he had only murdered one. After the video was posted, the incident sparked a manhunt across the nation for the murder suspect.

In the end, Steve Stephens fell prey to his affinity of fast food. On Tuesday, two days after the killing, Steve Stephens was spotted at a Mcdonald’s. A drive through employee recognized Steve Stephens, despite him being clean shaven as compared to his bearded face at the time of the video. Steve Stephens had ordered 20 pieces of Mcnuggets and some French Fries. The employee, realizing who Steve Stephens is, alerted the police and tried to stall Stephens. Cleverly, the employee told Stephens that he had to wait for fries, but in actuality the employee was waiting for the police.

After a period of waiting, Stephens realizes that he must have been spotted, so he drives off without the fries. Luckily, by the time he leaves the fast food restaurant chain, the police were close behind him. Only two miles away from the McDonald’s, police officers attempted the PIT maneuver on the murderer. As his vehicle spun out of control, Steve stephens pulls out a pistol and commits suicide.

After the incident ended, Mark Zuckerberg apologized for allowing the egregious video of the execution of Robert Godwin Sr. to circulate on his social media platform, Facebook, for as long as it did. The McDonald’s was awarded 50,000 dollars in total for the crucial tip on the location of Steve Stephens.