2017 Women’s Track & Field Season


4x100m relay team after they won first at the Earl Engman Relays. Photo Courtesy of EarlEngman.

Hailee Ramirez, Editor

As the years go by the YLHS Women’s Track and Field team stun us all with their amazing victories. This 2017 spring season they have out done themselves again with many personal records hits, medals achieved, and many more amazing achievements. Also, the women’s track team has grown widely since it was established in 2010. Many upperclassmen athletes who didn’t do track before and decided to join this season have already helped improve the track team with their high marks. For instance, Liz Geraghty (11), who recently joined track, states “I never thought track would be my thing, but I’ve already earned many high achievements in high jump with such little experience.” Liz hit the highest varsity mark of this season so far twice at two meets, which was four feet ten inches. Along with Liz was Aubrey Osorio (11) who also just joined track, and states  “I already hit the height of four feet ten inches and I hope to get five foot by the end of season.” Evidently, both of these athletes had no intention of joining track, but gave a shot and surprised themselves.


Aside from the women’s field events, the running events have improved their times extremely. Nicole Martinez has gotten the tops times so far in almost all her events, such as 12.44s in the 100m and, 25.52s in the 200m. Sarah Heckel has also earned the fastest times in all her events, such as 43.28s in the 300m, 47.15s in the 300m hurdles, and 2:18s in the 800m. The relay race times have improved drastically, as well, with the 4x400m relay race earning a time of 3:57s, which is the school record. Also, the 4x100m relay race earning a time of 1:47s with Allison Provenzano, Michelle Quinn, Lauren O’banion, and Nicole Martinez as  the running legs. Clearly, these lady mustangs have strived hard to reach these great records.


Of course, while these lady mustangs are on the track training hard and competing, they are creating lifelong friendships and learning valuable life lessons. Although track is a sport for individuals, “ it still involves working together, pushing your teammates to their fullest potential, and always having their backs,” voices Grace Young (11)


The 2017 track and field season is slowly, but surely coming to an end and there is even faster times and greater heights to be made. League Finals and CIF will be here in less than a couple weeks and these powerful lady mustangs are sure to work their magic again.