BFF Goals


Photo courtesy of Marion Curtis

This newly wed couple encounters a strange situation on Twitter.

Amanda Chung, Photojournalist


Orange is the New Black is a netflix show that is notorious for its diversity and openness to societal issues. Just recently, actress Samira Wiley who starred as the character Poussey Washington on OITNB and Lauren Morelli, a producer-writer of the show, got married in Palm Springs, where they were engaged. On March 25, MEFeater Magazine posted a picture on Twitter of the two women in their wedding dresses, congratulating them on their marriage.

Soon after, this tweet went viral due to a specific retweet from an account that goes by VeganMegan. The day after the wedding picture was posted, she wrote how getting married on the same day as your best friend is “bff goals.”

A few moments after this was posted, someone corrected her and tried to explain that the two women were in fact marrying each other. However instead of realizing she was wrong, VeganMegan still persisted with her opinion, and reinforced it with the hashtag #BFFGOALS.

The same user corrected VeganMegan yet again, but she still doesn’t seem to acknowledge her mistake. She decided to upload a picture of what she thinks “gays look like,” portraying her ignorance through her retweet.

When Ashley Bui-Tran (10) saw this picture, she immediately knew what was going on. “It’s blatantly obvious that they are getting married to each other,” she says. “I think a lot people might be confused because there isn’t a whole lot of diversity and pro-LGBT publicity in mainstream media.”

Brianne Han (10) agrees with Ashley in the fact that LGBTQ+ news isn’t as present in media as other news, and when it is, they are usually very stereotypical or negative portrayals of the community.

Stepping away from this twitter exchange, the newly wed couple seems very happy, and is currently at their honeymoon. They spent a day at Disneyland to celebrate and posted their memories on Instagram, showing the world that they don’t care for their haters.

Congratulations to them both, and I hope they have a long and happy marriage.