The Raiders are Moving to Las Vegas


Sam Morris

Above, the sign that welcomes all who enter the entertainment capital of the world, is soon to be welcoming the newly pronounced Las Vegas Raiders.

Brandon Russell, Photojournalist

For many years, the Raiders have been pushing the NFL board to consider the move from Oakland to another destination. However, the Raiders past attempts to authorize the move to Vegas, never made the cut for the teams that were approved to move in the year 2016. Therefore, the announcement to vote on the move of the Raiders in 2017 had owner Mark Davis buzzing with excitement and anxiousness. Last Monday, the NFL held a conference to decide the ultimate fate of the formerly known Oakland Raiders. Needing only twenty four votes to pass the decision, the Raiders received thirty one yeses and one no. With only one team refuting this move, the Miami Dolphins, the move to the entertainment capital of the world was once and for all put in place. According to CNN, the move was considered a “long shot” and was predicted to be turned down by commissioner, Roger Goodell. However, the Raiders are now set to make their debut in Las Vegas in 2020.


Raiders owner Mark Davis told ESPN reporters that “I have mixed feelings; it’s very bittersweet,” Understanding the frustration that will come along with the move, Davis knows “ [Oakland fans] will be angry and disappointed.” However, the hopes that a larger fanbase and new fan experience will be produced from the move, is one of the more intriguing aspects in which have yet to be explored by the organization and fans. Amber Reddish (10) believes that “ the move to Las Vegas will only enhance the team’s popularity and fanbase,” and that their “new home will provide a never-before-seen chain of events.”


It is not only the fans that have much to say about the sudden and somewhat controversial move from Oakland to Las Vegas; the players however, are perhaps the most impacted by this decision. Derek Carr, the Raiders starting quarterback, stated on Twitter, “ I feel the pain of our fans in Oakland. I also see the joy on the faces of our new fans in Las Vegas,” and that as professionals and players, “we will show up and give everything we have for the entire Raider nation.” Hailey Jean Tustison (10) believes the “ obvious move from Oakland to Las Vegas will cause much chaos throughout the fanbase. However, the move may allow for a wider variety of fans to view the games live.” This may be in fact true due to the recent predictions made that the recently proposed sixty five thousand seated stadium will allow for a much larger presence of fans to be present at live Raider Games.


The Raiders are still scheduled to play the 2017 through 2019 season in Oakland till at least 2019. However, with the move of the Raiders set in stone, many fans are overwhelmingly upset at the Raider organization and NFL. Many exclaim that season tickets will no longer be purchased and their presence at the games will never be the same. Thus, it is not known whether or not this gamble of moving to the entertainment capital of the world will pay off; however, this never before seen experience is soon to be unravelled.