ASB Election Week


This was the day before voting had begun, and Sarah Mayans along with the help of certain students was preparing for the upcoming day.

Malieka Khan, Photojournalist

It is election week at Yorba Linda High School, meaning several students are running for ASB office with positions such as President, Vice President, Ambassador, Secretary, and Treasurer. These positions have jobs and roles that mostly pertain to the students themselves, therefore the students vote on who gets elected into office in the Forum the week of March 13 – March 15.

Each year level can elect their own officers, yet voting is open to all students who attend Yorba Linda High School. As of now, the executive officers have already been selected and voted on with Kaitlyn Walker (11) as ASB President, Lauren Bui (12) as ASB Vice President, Lilah Haye (12) as ASB Secretary, Aubrey Osorio (12) as ASB Treasurer, and Claire Griffiths (12) as ASB Ambassador. However, the voting for the other grade levels takes place this week with each year electing different officers, such as the freshman candidates being: President- Darby Rose and Lily Johnson, Vice President- Caitlyn Guntle, William Fixa, and Nathan Brown, and Treasurer/Secretary- Ava Delaney and Sarah Mayans.

Many staff members urge the student body to take into deep consideration who they elect, since they will be planning and effecting how the next year of their high school career will be. Take the role of President, not only must the President act as a representative for the general student body, but he/she must also preside at all school assemblies, rallies, the ASB Budget Meeting, and at all ASB meetings, as well as act as a liaison between the student body and the administration. The Treasurer must compile a monthly statement of all ASB trust accounts to be presented to the Executive Council in addition to working with the ASB Advisor and Financial Secretary to oversee that organizations and athletic teams keep within their budget limits.

Consequently, the ASB officers a grade has can greatly impact their year, which is why voting and electing a wanted and adequate office is important for each grade.  The mindset of these officers must be clear and aligned with a majority of the student body, such as Yorba Linda High School student Sarah Mayans (9) who is running for ASB Treasurer/Secretary when she explains her motive behind running for office is because, “[She is]  passionate about helping others, and sincerely [wants] to help make these next few years of high school the best they can be for everybody!” An officer with the appropriate mindset and who truly cares about the position they are running for could immensely affect how they act in a position of power.

The results for the positions will be announced Friday, March 17, after all voting is done and finalized with all the votes casted in and counted. Each grade level will receive their officers for the next year and said elected officers will be automatically placed into ASB next year as well. These votes are important to the future of the student body and should be exercised by voting for who they believe is best suited to run their school and determine how activities such as school dances and pep rallies should go.