Emma Watson: Feminist and Actress

Emma Watson is an actress, women’s rights activist, and UN Ambassador. Photo courtesy of Celeb Bistro

Emma Watson is an actress, women’s rights activist, and UN Ambassador. Photo courtesy of Celeb Bistro

Mabel Ra, Photojournalist

You probably already know her. A major character in the iconic book to movie series Harry Potter, a strong influence to the women’s rights cause, and an ambitious humanist, Emma Watson is well-known across the world as a passionate actress and activist.


Her most prominent appearance in the media is through her acting career in the successful motion picture series Harry Potter. Cast as spunky and intelligent Hermione, Watson was only ten years old when her job as an actress began. Despite it being her first acting gig, she remained in the same series for ten more years. Most recently, Emma Watson was cast as Belle in the Disney remaking of Beauty and the Beast. Playing the fabled princess Belle brought lots of excitement and anticipation among fans.


Beyond her filming career, Emma Watson is extremely well known as a feminist. Feminism is the cause for gender equality, advocating for social and political rights for women. Being a call for equality, feminism does not mean women superiority over men; rather, it is the elevation of women to men, so everyone is equal. In 2014, she launched her campaign HeForShe. HeForShe encourages both women and men to fight against gender stereotypes and limitation. In places all over the world, due to gender, people are being excluded from opportunities; these include education, participation in politics, and equal pay. As stated by Watson during her UN speech regarding gender equality, “I’ve told myself firmly, ‘If not me, who? If not now, when?” (Bustle). In previous years, she visited Bangladesh and Zambia to promote humanitarianism ideals like fair trade, which supports fair wages to producers.


Along with being a women’s rights activist, Watson serves as UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. A goodwill ambassador is someone who promotes a specific cause; in this case- women’s rights. This position, along with the broader group UN Women, works to empower women, end discrimination against women and girls, and brings security towards women.
From being a powerful actress playing characters to being a passionate activist for women’s rights, Emma Watson is an influential and strong individual fighting for a positive change in society. Regarding Emma’s stance on equality, Sydney Rivera  (10) says, “I think it’s really cool because [Emma Watson] is big in the media. [Feminism] is important, because it seems like common sense that women are treated as equals.” Without a doubt, her campaign HeForShe, her contribution to the United Nations, and her films show how Emma Watson is an all-around admirable person.