Protesting Votes Won’t Change Anything


Anti-Trump protesters in a march.

Madeleine Katz, Photojournalist

Since President Donald Trump was elected into office, protests all over the United States have begun both violently and nonviolently.  Some protesters say he is taking away women’s rights or that he is racist while other protesters are trying to prove that he will be a great president, according to Washington Times.

Considering that the United States is a democracy, protesting votes will not change anything. The message coming from their protests is that their votes matter more than the majority that voted. Every vote counts equally, therefore they should not be protesting our democracy.

The protesters at the women’s marches that have taken place in various cities all over the country are protesting Donald Trump’s decision to make abortions illegal. The protesters claim that they stand up for all women, yet they are not truly standing up for all women when they are marching for women to  have the right to kill their unborn baby girls and boys, who also matter, while they are still in their mother’s body.

Others protest Donald Trump’s pending travel ban from certain countries in the middle east from which there are high amounts of terrorists entering our country, as reported by The Guardian. The protesters are claiming that Donald Trump is banning travel from those countries solely because the majority of citizens are muslim, yet other countries that also have a muslim majority but don’t have a high amount of terrorists entering the United States are not banned from traveling and immigrating to the United States.

Another reason people are protesting is because they consider Donald Trump to be ‘racist’ because he would like to build a wall on the southern border of the United States, preventing people from crossing the border illegally. If an American citizen crossed the southern border into Mexico, they would be put in jail while if a Mexican or Central American citizen crossed the border into the United States they would be given free health care and education, paid for through taxes from American citizens and possibly food and shelter even though crossing the border was illegal. There are lists of people trying to legally immigrate into the United States, but it takes them a longer time to get into America because of these illegal immigrants coming into our country and using our resources. While illegal immigrants are coming into our country and being completely taken care of, there are American children starving on the streets. And people are protesting Donald Trump’s decision to put a stop to this and use the resources to take care of Americans and legal immigrants instead of illegal immigrants.

A pattern that is starting to show with the current generation is that if they don’t get what they want, they start to protest or riot instead of accepting things they can’t change which has been shown in multiple situations especially the Trump protests.

“The 12th amendment clearly explains that the president shall be chosen by the electoral college. So if the protestors understood our constitution, there would not be a need for these protests. While we do have the right to protest, the protests do not override the decisions of the electoral college,” stated Jenee Anekwe (9).