Student Spotlight: Shelby Emami


Shelby Emami; Photo Courtesy of South Coast Photography

Bita Zadeh, Photojournalist

Whether it is athletics or academics, Shelby Emami can do it. With her amazing passion in everything she does and her altruistic personality, Shelby can truly do anything. So far, during her high school career she has accomplished plenty and although it has been stressful, being the person she is, Shelby can take on whatever comes her way.


Shelby is currently a member of the varsity basketball team, where she served as captain this past year and has been serving as captain of the junior varsity team her sophomore and junior year. As a freshman, with basketball being a fairly new sport for her, Shelby states,”At first I did not know what coach expected from me, so the first couple months I was really nervous.” Although she says it was nerve-wracking at first, one would never know she even lacked a bit of confidence. Even with that little drawback, Shelby’s perseverance helped her to become one of the top players on the team and admired greatly by the coaches. Shelby is quite busy, but her passion in the sport she plays has kept her to be proficient.


Along with excelling at basketball, Shelby is also a great student. Her workload is very heavy and sports take up plenty of her time, but she puts her mind to what she needs to do and gets it done. She has been in CSF since she was a freshman and NHS since she was a sophomore, showing that she is very dedicated. Shelby’s drive to do well in everything has kept her with impressive grades and an above average GPA of 4.4.


Although Shelby is a killer athlete and an outstanding student and seems like she does nothing else, she also is human and needs time to de-stress. She does this by hanging out with friends, going shopping, or just sitting at home and watching a good movie, She also plays basketball as a pass-time, which helps her feel free without the pressure of the coaches. Being a person who can work their hardest and have time to have fun is hard, but Shelby being a focused, passionate, and motivated girl can do whatever her heart desires.